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Lab Automation: How is Advanced Tech Meeting the Needs of Modern Labs?


Manufacturing & Production Engineering Magazine speaks with an engineering professional turned FE teacher, Rosa Wells


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OPC Assessment’s Innovative Tools to Support Apprentice Recruitment

OPC Assessment psychologists emphasize recruitment decisions based on competency evidence. Support to identify and recruit top-talent apprentices, using the Core Skills Series and innovative practical tests. Read more, or visit website.

Titan Enterprises Analyses Solutions For Low Flow Liquid Measurement

The measurement of low flow is becoming widely used in many industries. However, the smaller the flow, the trickier it is to control and measure, and finding a suitable flow measuring technology at reasonable cost can prove challenging. Read more, or visit website.

Discover cutting-edge automation and robotics technologies at Automation UK

In less than three months’ time Automation UK will return to the CBS Arena in Coventry on 18-19 June. This renowned event is recognised for bringing industrial automation and robotics to life. Read more, or visit website.

Asset Finance – your next option for funding

Asset finance is an alternative form of funding used by businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow or access much-needed cash. Asset finance makes the otherwise unaffordable affordable because it gives businesses access to the equipment without incurring the cash flow disadvantage of an outright purchase. Read more, or visit website.

Accelerating Sustainability: LEVC's and Axil's Collaborative Journey

In the heart of the UK’s manufacturing landscape stands LEVC's Ansty plant - a symbol of innovation and sustainability. Established in 1908, LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has long been synonymous with the iconic black cabs we all recognise. Read more, or visit website.

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