The new Dalby EQ Spray Booth, with Pro Active energy saving technology.  Now with game changing cost per job software to give accurate cost analysis of gas and electric consumption on each individual job.

The new Dalby Evolution EQ combination spray booth oven incorporates the very latest technology, providing the optimum paint application environment, whilst minimising running costs.

The ‘Pro Active’ control system constantly monitors the activity within the spray booth and automatically adjusts airflow, temperature and lighting to optimise overspray clearance and bake performance as efficiently as possible.

The control system allows the booth to operate in Performance, Smart and Economy modes. With invertor controlled automatic pressure balancing, the airflow is automatically controlled to provide power consumption as low as 1kW in Economy mode. This unique spray booth technology will provide your business long term cost savings without compromising the quality or performance of the equipment.

With the high visibility LED mode indicator and countdown timer display fitted above the 3 leaf, large vision panelled doors, the booth operating mode and count down timer is easily visible across any workshop.

The factory-built air handling unit incorporates the fans, dampers and pilotless burner into a single unit, enabling a fast installation and unrivalled levels of reliability.  Access to the plant for maintenance is gained from inside the EQ booth.  This allows for corner positioning within the workshop with no side or rear access required. This space saving design helps maximise usable floorspace and is a major benefit for clients with limited room.

With rear extraction as standard, there is no requirement for a pit.  However, if you prefer, the Dalby EQ can also be supplied with downdraft air movement via pit extraction or with an internally ramped raised floor.

Pro Active Energy Saving Technology

The Dalby ‘ProActive’ touch screen control system enables full control of all the booth’s functionality and allows the user to switch between modes at a touch of the screen.

PERFORMANCE mode, is ideal for spray and flash off processes where maximum airflow is required. PERFORMANCE mode will offer 20,000m3 / hour airflow whilst ECONOMY mode will deliver 10,000m3 / hour, dramatically reducing the energy consumption, saving you money.

SMART mode enables the booth to actively reduce energy consumption without affecting productivity.  This is done by targeting periods when the booth is running without spraying activities taking place.  The Dalby control system constantly monitors operations inside the booth and will actively switch between modes to reduce electricity and gas consumption where possible. The EcoSave mode further reduces power consumption with active use of stop/start technology when the booth is not being used for spraying or curing activities, such as when masking up or paint mixing is taking place.

Cost Per Job Analysis

The Dalby evolution booths now have game changing technology which can monitor the real time running costs of your booth.  New software means you can now track the usage of the booth, recording data against each individual or job reference number and monitor how long the booth is operational in each mode giving you accurate energy costings per job. 

This data is displayed on screen and can also be downloaded onto your laptop for more detailed performance analysis.  With the rapid cost of energy increases we have seen recently this is an innovative, new way to monitor costs in real time and see where operational improvements can be made to make further energy savings.

The ‘ProActive’ control system has a number of other innovative features designed to optimise the performance and efficiency of the booth. These include:

Automatic Pressure Balancing, this automatically maintains the negative pressure balance in the booth cabin.

Integrated Mist Clearance Indicator. When spraying has finished, the ‘ProActive’ control displays the mist clearance time remaining.

Automatic Filter Condition Monitoring. The control system warns you when the input and extract filters require replacement.

Maintenance Scheduler, this gives you advance warning of when the next scheduled service is due.

Fault Finding and Diagnosis. The ‘ProActive’ control system provides fault diagnosis information in the event of a breakdown.

Customisable Display. You can also select from a library of car images to customise your display.

“HighLight” LED Lighting System with PIR Control

The EQ booth has The Dalby “HighLight” LED lighting system fitted as standard. This system significantly reduces power consumption, with typical power savings in excess of 60% versus traditional lighting systems.

The “HighLight” LED light boxes are mounted at corner roof level and shine through our unique, laser cut, highly efficient light shaping diffuser to provide diffused light inside the booth which replicates daylight. The diffused light reduces spotting and decreases vision issues as operators do not see the individual LEDs.

With average light levels at the spraying face in excess of 1400 lux and with excellent colour rendering, the “Highlight” LED lighting creates an optimally lit spraying environment.

With heat control designed into the light, the “Highlight” LED lighting has a much greater life span that traditional fluorescent lighting leading to very low ongoing maintenance costs and minimal reduction in light output.

PIR control saves energy by ensuring that the lights dim and then turn off when no movement is detected in the booth cabin, and instantly turn on when an operative enters the booth.

Spray Booths Manufactured In the UK

Harry Dalby Engineering is proud of its tradition of manufacturing in the UK. Operating from our two factories in Leicester with a combined area of 49,000 sq ft, we manufacture almost every part of our spray booths in house. The process starts in our drawing office where, using the latest 3D CAD software and our modular design concepts, we specify each and every spray booth to suit our client’s individual requirements. The designs are then issued to our factory floor where, using state of the art CNC machines such as our Fibre Laser, CNC Punches, 6 Meter CNC Press Brake and Robot Welders, we manage production from start to finish.

We manufacture in house all the major components such as the insulated booth enclosure panels, vehicle and personnel doors, fans, dampers, control system (including state of the art PLC controls), direct gas fired burners, and we even have our own ducting shop and spiral duct forming machine.

By manufacturing these components in-house we are able to constantly evolve our designs to ensure that every part of each spray booth is perpetually reviewed and optimised for its function within a paint application environment, thus ensuring the highest performance and long term reliability of our Spray booths.

Dalby spray booths are recognised by many of the UK’s major OEM’s and Tier 1 industries who work with Dalby because of our reputation for Quality, Technological Innovation and the ability to offer a complete package from concept to installation and commissioning.

To find out more about our new cost per job software or our EQ energy saving spray booth please contact us on T: 0116 2916000 or email: or visit our website