WEG expands gearbox torque range

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Leading electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturer, WEG, has expanded the torque range of its WG20 series of geared motors to cover torque between 50 and 18,000 Nm. Comprising helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear units, the WG20 is the first geared motor range to be entirely developed in-house at WEG.

Previously, the series featured a modest torque range of 50 to 1,550 Nm. Following development by gearbox experts at WEG, the company has boosted the range of the WG20 family to allow more industries and applications to benefit from this readily available, cost-effective gearbox. WEG’s newly appointed gearbox specialists add to the company’s 30,000 strong workforce.

Designed to the standard industry footprint, the WG20 gearbox can easily be retrofitted without adjustment to peripheral equipment. The new launch is available in helical geared, parallel shaft geared and helical bevel geared versions, to alter the speed and torque of any motor.

While WEG is famous for its extensive electric motor portfolio, heavy investment in its WG20 manufacturing in Austria and workshop in the United Kingdom has reaffirmed WEG as an end-to-end automation supplier of all factory equipment.

“It was important to us that the WG20 is assembled in-house,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, European marketing manager at WEG. “It means we can produce our WG20 gearboxes to the highest quality and at a cost-competitive price while ensuring shorter lead times.

“Expanding the torque range of the WG20 has truly provided new possibilities for maintenance engineers that need gearboxes for all applications. This range is ideal for new manufacturing lines, but as it has been created to the industry standard gearbox footprint, it is also great for upgrading faulty or old gearboxes quickly, even if the installed gearbox isn’t originally from WEG.”

If you would like to know more about the WG20 range of gearboxes from WEG, visit the company website or email info-uk@weg.net.