Vision market unblocked for automation vendors

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The world’s first vision inspection product now available to industrial automation vendors ~

Industrial automation vendors have historically been blocked from accessing the visual inspection market because of its complex solution requirements, but German-Israeli start up Inspekto has changed this state of affairs. Inspekto’s Plug and Inspect technology drives its off-the-shelf vision product, the Inspekto S70, and brings vision inspection back where it belongs: with the industrial automation family..

Inspekto launched the first entry in the Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) category, the INSPEKTO S70, at VISION 2018. Now, the product opens up the multi-billion dollar inspection market to industrial automation vendors, previously unable to access the market because of the long integration times that were required to put a vision inspection project in place, choose lighting, lenses, filters, software and cameras, as well as deliver design, fixing, installation and planning.

In contrast, the S70 is self-learning, self-setting and self-adjusting, meaning it can be easily installed by the plant’s own personnel in 30 to 45 minutes, directly on the shop floor.

“AI-powered devices, that are easily implementable, customisable and  autonomous will dominate the industrial automation market in the 2020s,” said Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto, a view reinforced by multiple experts. “These powerful qualities can be found in the INSPEKTO S70, the only stand-alone product for visual QA on the market. Finally, vision inspection can join the industrial automation family.”

Because of the complexity of traditional solutions and the large amount of professional services required, industrial automation vendors – who sell easily installed or integrated out-of-the-box products – were unable to tap into market. Until now.

According to Grand View Research, the global vision inspection market is expected to reach $16.39 billion by 2022. However, the INSPEKTO S70, compared to traditional solutions, is extremely affordable, quick and easy to set-up, which means that manufacturers can install multiples points of vision inspection at numerous steps of their production lines, at unprecedented ease, speed and cost. Consequently, the vision inspection market, already huge, could multiply exponentially over the next few years.

“Industrial automation vendors will now have access to an untapped, unclaimed, and highly promising business territory, for the first time in history,” concluded Boren.

Vendors and automation distributors and integrators who wish to inquire about the INSPEKTO S70 and its applications TRACKS™, TYPES™ and FreeCodes™ can enquire here.