Is Your Machine Tool Protected For COVID-19 Downtime?

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If you are one of the thousands of business owners scaling down production during the current challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, have you considered when and how you get back to full-scale production? An equally important question is whether you have considered the impact of idle time on your machine tools and how you can prepare them for their return to optimal production levels?

You wouldn’t leave your car idle for an extended period, so why do it with an expensive machine tool? The impact of any plant or equipment being dormant for extended periods can be damaging, even catastrophic in some instances. As experts in lubrication, coolants and preservation products, ROCOL has products backed by expert advice and strategies that can support your business – after all, it’s not just governments that need an ‘exit strategy’.

If you are conscious of the impact that prolonged downtime may cause, ROCOL has fact sheets, technical data, support and of course the industry’s most extensive product lines to get your business back to its optimal level of productivity. The first advice note is to ensure that your sumps and coolant systems are completely clean and free of stagnant fluid, more information on this can be found via Upon completing the steps in this guide, the next step is to remove all fixtures, fittings and tooling from the machine. Once you have completed this, you should wipe down all surfaces, machine beds, tooling and fixtures with a clean cloth, making sure surfaces are free of swarf and debris. Pay particular attention to T-slots and any areas where fluid and swarf can get trapped.

For excessive grime or dirt build-up, machine tool users should consider using ROCOL Flawfinder cleaner spray. As an effective general-purpose aerosol cleaner. Flawfinder cleaner spray carves through dirt, grease and grime, it leaves no residue and the 300ml cans incorporate a multi-angle valve system for cleaning hard to reach areas.

Complementing the Flawfinder cleaner spray is ROCOL’s Foam Cleaner Spray, perfect for external cleaning of any vertical surfaces. Engineers can apply the Foam Cleaner Spray, which is a non-drip, fast-acting white foam to efficiently clean work surfaces. The Foam Cleaner Spray is a universal, fast-acting spray offering superior cleaning performance as the foam ensures a long contact time for effective cleaning. The drip-free foam prevents contamination and is safe for use on most plastics rubbers and painted surfaces.

Once all surfaces are clean and dry, all non-painted surfaces should be coated with ROCOL’s MOISTUREGUARD® GREEN spray or fluid. This includes coating all tooling and fixtures as this will prevent corrosion and the ingress of water. These simple processes will help you to save money in the long term and keep your machine tools in the optimum condition. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us on 0113 232 2600.