Cleaning up the Industry During Pandemic with ROCOL

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During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, a significant percentage of the manufacturing industry has come to a rapid, but temporary production pause. For businesses that are strategically planning for the impending ramp-up of ‘post-pandemic’ work, now is the time to bring forward scheduled and preventative maintenance programs or implementing comprehensive housekeeping practices.

For these successful and forward-thinking companies taking this opportunity to remain productive, ROCOL has the industry’s most comprehensive range of cleaning products, housekeeping and preventative maintenance aerosol, fluid, oil and grease solutions in stock for all your needs. At ROCOL, we appreciate that circumstances during such a challenging period are different for every business, but as a UK manufacturer, ROCOL is here to support UK industry with technical advice, solutions and of course a comprehensive range of ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

From the stable of cleaning products, ROCOL has a host of aerosol cleaning products to meet all your housekeeping challenges. The ROCOL Foam Cleaner Spray is already proving extremely popular. As a universal, fast-acting cleaning aerosol that is NSF A1 registered for use in the critically regulated food industry, the Foam Cleaner carves through dirt, grease and grime that resides on industrial machinery.

The Foam Cleaner is perfect for non-porous surfaces, is safe for use on most plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces and it is also Halal and Kosher certified. With a drip-free foam that prevents contamination and long contact time with the surface, the Foam Cleaner is perfect for any industrial application.

In instances where customers require a rapid drying solution, ROCOL has the perfect product with its 300ml aerosol Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Spray. This product has a specially formulated blend of solvents that are designed to remove the most challenging greases and oils and workshop grime from all surface areas. As this product dries rapidly, it leaves no residue on the surface whether it be metal, plastic or painted surfaces.

For more aggressive cleaning applications, ROCOL has an extremely powerful, fast-acting multi-purpose Remover and Degreaser product. Suitable for use in inedible product processing, this powerhouse product is ideal for removing stubborn grease, oil, grime as well as adhesives and labels.

As a UK manufacturer of solutions that are accomplished for all pockets of industry, ROCOL has several more specialised aerosol products and this includes the Electra Clean Spray and the Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray. The Electra Clean Spray is an ultra-fast drying cleaner that is beyond compare when cleaning electronic equipment and components that may be in and around control panels, electric motors, electrical contacts and switches as well as food processing areas. Suitable for all electrical devices, the rapid evaporation characteristics of the Electra Clean Spray leaves no residue on work surfaces, leaving the equipment in your facility as clean as the day it was installed. Electrical equipment and circuitry are susceptible to being contaminated by airborne oil mist and dust – with the Electra Clean Spray you now have a foolproof solution.

Equally impressive at removing grease, grime, oils and other stubborn marks are the Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray. This product cuts through every conceivable contaminant to leave a clean, smear-free, polished surface that is also suitable for use in and around food processing areas. So, when you have finished cleaning all the stainless steel surfaces at your workplace, you’ll be so impressed that you will want to take this product home and wage your very own offensive upon all the stainless steel in your kitchen and garage.

All products in this portfolio incorporate ROCOL’s unique DETEX Technology that is an X-ray and metal detectable plastic aerosol cap and actuator that reduces the risk of plastic contamination. Furthermore, these cleaning sprays and foams all meet the strictest of health and safety standards with all products meeting various NSF Standards. For manufacturers less well versed on NSF Standards, the NSF Product Certification assures suppliers, retailers, auditors and consumers that products from manufacturers such as ROCOL comply with specific standards for food safety and quality. So, with Covid-19 playing such a disruptive role in all our lives, why not wage your offensive against contaminated surfaces in the workplace with ROCOL.