Delta Laser from ETG Offers Machining Diversity

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Laser machining is a groundbreaking technology that is capable of filling the technology void for a multitude of niche industry applications. Now, this next-generation technology is available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), as the UK’s leading machine tool solution provider has become a technical partner of the Winbro Technologies Group.  

The next generation Winbro Delta Laser Machining System can be applied to a multitude of applications that include Percussion Drilling, Drilling on the Fly, 5 axis high-speed cutting, welding, 2D and 3D shaped hole machining via Ablation, Ceramic coating removal via Ablation, and aerospace cladding for repair or overhaul. The flexibility of the Winbro Delta Laser machining system makes it possible to combine these processes in a single machine by using dual laser sources on a single machine. This reduces your machine inventory and footprint requirements by offering a remarkably flexible and innovative solution in a single machine platform.

All this is possible through a machine tool that has a robust design construction that is combined with multi-axis flexibility, a large working envelope and a choice of laser types that means the Delta can be used for an unfathomably diverse range of applications. Within the compact footprint of the Winbro Delta laser machine is a spacious work area that offers an X, Y and Z-axis travel of 1500 by 750 by 1000mm for the continuous C axis rotary table and a B-axis of +/-140°. The Delta machine is capable of a linear and rotary accuracy of 0.015mm and 15 arc/sec respectively. Additionally, the repeatability of the machine is first class with a linear and rotary repeatability of 0.010mm and 10 arc/sec respectively.

Within this spacious, flexible and precise platform is a raft of technology advancements such as component scanning and mapping, focus control, a patented six-point probing system, breakthrough detection, crash protection, tool-tip interpolation, a quick-change nozzle system, a selection of nozzle assemblies and much more.

The Delta can be integrated with different types of Yag and CO2 Lasers and in particular a range of highly productive Fibre Lasers, the choice of which is dependant upon application. The machine is driven by the familiar Heidenhain iTNC640 CNC and PC, the programming of which utilises the latest Winbro advanced post-processor (TCPro and TCPost) taking data from the users’ CAD output to define the component geometry and providing an intelligent interface for component process development. For further details on how this exciting new addition to the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) portfolio can streamline your production processes, please contact your local ETG representative.