ETG Extends Turning Range with Vulcan

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The cost-effective Vulcan series of machines from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has really taken off since its successful launch. This is because engineers are recognising the build quality, rigidity and performance of high-quality cost-effective machine tools like the new TC250 turning centre.

Making a significant impact among the cost-conscious market segment, the TC250 Series is one of the smallest and most compact machines in an extremely expansive range. The TC250 is available in four variants with the base model TC250 being the entry-level cost-efficient option with a single spindle and single turret. This base model variant has a maximum turning diameter of 316mm, a spacious swing over bed of 600mm and a working length of 435mm. Working within this area is a powerful spindle with a speed range from 25 to 3500rpm that has a spindle bore of 77mm diameter. When this is supported by the ETG bar feeding solution, the machine can deliver cost-effective production.

The TC250 signifies a Turning Centre with a 250mm diameter chuck size and for companies looking for something a little bigger, ETG has seven size variants that reach up to the largest machine, the TC800. The cost-efficient model is a single spindle and single turret lathe with a 45-degree slant bed construction to ensure maximum stability whilst ensuring swarf is effectively removed from the work area. The robust construction enables users to maximise the heavy-duty cutting potential of the machine whilst undertaking uninterrupted batch or series production without continually opening the envelope to remove swarf.

Adding to the base TC250 variant is the TC250M for manufacturers looking to reduce secondary operations through the application of live tooling stations on the turret. Utilising a servo turret to instigate powerful high-torque live tooling with speeds from 25 to 4000rpm, the TC250M is suitable for flexible production that will reduce cycle times.

Complementing the TC250 and TC250M is the TC250L – this is designated as the long bed version that extends Z-axis travel from the standard 490mm to 1340mm. With the facility to completely configure the machine to the requirements of the end-user, ETG is offering the TC250 Series in all four variants, the baseline TC250, the TC250M, TC250L and the TC250ML that incorporates both live tooling and an extended bed.

All machines in the TC250 Series are equipped with direct drive servo motors for smooth and rapid traverse movements of 30m/min in X and Z axes with a cutting feed rate from 0.001mm to 500mm/rev. The standard offering from ETG includes a machine packed with everything you need to get up and running, such as the 3-bar coolant pump, 190-litre capacity coolant tank, programmable tailstock, 8-position hydraulic tooling turret, 3-colour beacon light, tool kit, work light, heat exchanger for electrical cabinet, chip conveyor, automatic lubrication system, automatic tool probing and automatic part catcher.

Despite the current Coronavirus situation, ETG is diligently following safe distancing procedures and health and safety practices – so if you would like to book an appointment to view any of the machines in the new TC range, call ETG now.