Flexitricity will provide access to new flexibility service to support businesses amid energy crisis

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Flexitricity will provide market access to National Grid’s new winter Demand Flexibility Service (DFS).  Businesses will be able to offset costs by reducing their energy consumption during high-stress periods such as the evening peak, and the morning pick-up when electricity consumption rises quickly.

The new service is targeted at both domestic and industrial and commercial energy users that aren’t currently participating in other flexibility services and markets.

Flexitricity pioneered the GB demand side response industry and now operates a diverse ‘virtual power plant’ of over 850MW of contracted assets, earning revenue for its customers as well as paving the way to net zero.

Through utilising its 24/7 control room in Edinburgh, the organisation operates across multiple markets, including frequency response, wholesale traded power, the Balancing Mechanism and emerging flexibility services.

The latest service from National Grid, launching  on November 1st, is an opportunity that Flexitricity is keen to promote to a range of businesses who can benefit from this new revenue stream, including manufacturing, refrigeration, water and waste companies.

Andrew Langlands, Head of Commercial at Flexitricity, said: “Flexitricity is ready to provide market access to winter DFS, using optimised pricing to provide the best return for business energy users.

“Over the last year energy prices have increased significantly which has created challenges for many businesses and households. This new service provides a fantastic opportunity to generate revenue and offset energy costs.

“National Grid has introduced DFS, and other measures, due to the exceptional conditions we’re facing this winter. It will help to safeguard our energy system against blackouts and disconnections and give energy users a much-needed boost.”