Improve Energy Savings and Make Cost Savings with the Tinytag Energy Logger

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For higher consumers of electricity, such as those in the manufacturing sector, power usage monitoring and energy efficiency measures are of particular importance. Regular power usage monitoring in industrial facilities can also perform an important role in ongoing energy efficiency schemes.

The Tinytag Energy Data Logger is a portable data recorder which can be used to monitor electricity consumption in individual pieces of equipment to help identify where potential energy usage savings can be made, improving energy performance and cost savings.

Celab, based in Hampshire, designs and manufactures high-reliability power supplies for military and commercial applications. With 2000m2 of manufacturing space housing a variety of equipment and processes, Celab is a relatively high user of electricity, typically 55,000-70,000kWh/month. The Quality Manager at Celab purchased a Tinytag Energy Logger to better understand the power usage of individual pieces of equipment and the results allowed the team to identify where energy usage savings can be made, particularly when equipment is in idle mode.

Regular monitoring with the Tinytag Energy Logger has also proved effective for European Freeze Dry, a leading multi-product freeze drying facility and provider of speciality freeze drying services. As part of its overall energy efficiency scheme, European Freeze Dry monitors the energy consumption of all plant and equipment at its site. The energy logger is used in 24-hour periods on equipment such as vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters, air compressors and pumps. The recorded data is analyzed to identify areas where the usage or loading of equipment can be reduced. Where modifications to systems or practices are implemented, the equipment will be monitored again to quantify savings and efficiencies.

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