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For many manufacturers and operators of industrial processes, demand is growing for real-time access for replacement inventory and spare parts to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The use of automated, software-driven machines such as vertical carousels, vertical lift systems, vertical Buffer modules and horizontal carousels for secure storage, safer and faster access to inventory and warehouse footprint requirements, can vastly improve productivity.

Automating stock can significantly reduce fulfilment times, labour needs, and warehouse footprint requirements while improving throughput and worker productivity. By combining automation technologies with improved workflow processes, you can reduce the time required to pick, pack, and ship items, making your warehouse/factory more productive and competitive.

Automation technologies not only improve speed and accuracy but also maximise space by utilising under-utilised overhead space. This can reduce traditional floor space requirements by up to 65-85%, useful if space is tight in current premises.  Additionally, Automated solutions are designed with worker safety and ergonomics in mind, reducing foot travel and minimising bending, reaching, and carrying for staff.

Modular automation systems are becoming extremely popular as they can be phased in over time, providing flexibility in managing expenses, training, and analysing ongoing results.  There are four main technology options for automating storage and retrieval are Vertical lift modules (VLMs), Vertical carousels, Virtual Buffer Modules (VBMs), and Horizontal carousels.

Order-fulfilment – If there is a requirement for faster picking then dynamic storage systems coupled with improved workflow procedures related to order-fulfilment, picking and shipping can drastically improve overall inventory management within the facility and boost customer satisfaction. This approach will help warehouses and distribution facilities to become more productive and competitive.

Kardex believes it’s important for customers to see how these systems work and so we have created a virtual environment where you can look at a myriad of different types of automated storage systems and have a play! Click here to view the virtual environment.

To learn more about Kardex automated storage solutions contact Kardex at info.remstar.uk@kardex.com or visit our website at www.kardex.com