MecWash drives Automotive Component Cleaning

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MecWash Systems is helping the automotive industry to deliver on environmental performance and high precision cleaning using the latest in aqueous parts washing technology. MecWash has kept pace with the evolution of the motor industry by embedding advanced technologies in their industrial parts washers, providing real-time monitoring and feedback to clean high volumes of components with ease.

Automotive manufacturers require extremely fine tolerances to ensure engine reliability and performance. Consequently, the cleanliness specifications are becoming tighter, and OEMs are enforcing standards more rigorously than ever.  The cleaning challenge gets tougher and tougher.

The applications of the motor industry require precision cleaning and degreasing. The MecWash team conduct detailed laboratory tests and machine trials on components at its Tewkesbury facility to identify the optimum system configuration, wash process, chemistry and fixtures. MecWash’s expertise covers all the main precision manufactured automotive components including both ICE and electric powertrain, braking systems, steering systems and hydraulics for “yellow goods”.

MecWash’s core washing process combines rotating components held securely in baskets, fixtures or plastic containers about the horizontal axis while subjecting them to a high-volume spray and flood process, also using ultrasonics where needed. For particularly complex components, e.g engine blocks, the systems utilise MecWash’s dedicated jetting technique with jets that rotate with the components, focused on critical features and designed for each customer’s specific application. This bespoke approach helps to target contamination directly, providing precise cleanliness and fast cycle times. Hot air and vacuum drying finish the process to give completely dry components.

International OEM’s such as JLR, JCB, Caterpillar/Perkins, Cummins and Triumph Motorcycles all benefit from MecWash parts washing systems. This experience has provided the MecWash team with a vast knowledge of designing, building and servicing aqueous cleaning systems for automotive applications and the high standards that the giants of the industry require.

MecWash also manufacture bespoke washers for Tier 1 / Tier 2 automotive component manufacturers including Autocraft, Ryobi, TRW, Dana, Le Belier and Grainger & Worrall. The Tewkesbury based business exports numerous machines to customers worldwide, such as JCB, Perkins and Craftsman in India; Trelleborg, TRW and Le Belier in China; Husco, Stewart and RPK in North America along with numerous systems in Europe.

The MecWash Maxi at Grainger and Worrall

The MWX series represents the pinnacle of the aqueous washing industry and is proving very popular with automotive component manufacturers. The precision capabilities of these relatively compact systems, along with the reliability to run 24/7, is a key point of interest for customers. The MWX series of parts washing has an unrivalled ability to remove preservative oils, machining lubricants, metal swarf and chips from components, with a compact footprint, making it ideal for a factory setting where space is at a premium.

As well as saving factory space, manufacturers are also looking to minimise the use of water and energy to reduce their environmental impact and costs. One of the popular choices for automotive manufacturers is the Aqua-Save system, designed in-house to continuously recover and re-use the wash water in the parts cleaning systems. This process maintains the water quality, ensuring that parts exit the system in a consistently clean condition. The Aqua-Save removes the effluent, consisting of the oils, emulsions and soluble waste washed from contaminated components, before recirculating the clean water.

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, commented: “MecWash has established a reputation in the automotive industry for creating reliable and powerful parts washing machines for customers around the world. Customers return to MecWash because of the effectiveness of the product and the service and support that we provide throughout the lifecycle of the system.”

“The addition of a MecWash system can have a tremendous impact on production output for manufacturers looking for high volume washing with minimal downtime. The popularity of the MWX300 and MWX400 is the result of the dedicated research by the team at MecWash. We work closely with the customer to create the most effective parts washing systems to fulfil their exact cleaning requirements.” said John.

For more information, contact the MecWash team by phone on 01684 271600 or via email.