A powerful partnership against harmful harmonics and surges

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Industrial parts supplier CP Automation, has partnered with instrumentation specialist, Chauvin Arnoux to distribute its industry leading test and measurement products to the European market. This partnership will equip both customer bases with a full power quality service, from the identification to the mitigation of harmful power quality issues.

Power quality disturbances is an area of growing concern in UK industry, caused by load switching, system faults, motor starting and load variations. Combining Chauvin Arnoux’s wide range of power and energy quality analysers and data loggers, with CP Automation’s expertise in treating harmful harmonics and surges with its extensive range of active and passive filters, businesses will be better equipped to protect valuable assets. 

“CP Automation is an extremely professional organisation offering high-quality service for the mitigation of mains supply issues,” explained Julian Grant, general manager at Chauvin Arnoux, UK. “Our range of high-quality industry leading products are designed to identify, measure and record power supply issues such as transient voltages, harmonics, power factor, as well as many other parameters, and so CP Automation is a perfect partner. 

“It is often the case that using one of our test instruments, customers will discover they have harmonic issues, or production line outages due to transients, but then require assistance in resolving the issues. While we have always been willing to give sound advice, we now have a partner that can provide a much higher level of support and offer a remedial service.” 

“Detecting a power quality issue in a facility is the first step to protecting equipment, improving process reliability and reducing downtime,” explained John Mitchell, global sales & marketing director at CP Automation. “Chauvin Arnoux has over 125 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality test and measurement devices, so share our power quality expertise. Customers can now come to us for a complete end-to-end power quality service, knowing that they’re receiving industry leading products and expert advice.” 

CP Automation now supplies Chauvin Arnoux product lines such as power and energy loggers, power quality analysers, HV insulation testers, earth/ground testers, micro-ohmmeters and portable oscilloscopes, along with an extensive range of multimeters and current clamps.

For more information about this new partnership, or CP Automation’s full range of industrial products visit cpaltd.net or e-mail sales@cpaltd.net.