Event-based machine vision in Industry 4.0 applications

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Prophesee SA (formerly Chronocam) has introduced its first commercial implementation of its event-based vision technology for machines. The Onboard reference system is aimed at developers of vision-enabled industrial automation systems such as robots, inspection equipment, and monitoring and surveillance devices. It features a Prophesee-enabled VGA-resolution camera combined with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and can be quickly integrated into a production camera system design.

The Onboard reference system provides a guide for developers to implement Prophesee’s neuromorphic vision technology for use in applications including area monitoring, high-speed counting, vibration measurement, or real-time arc welding monitoring. Based on the company’s proprietary technique that uses a bio-inspired approach based on capturing events that change in the field of view of individual pixels (and avoiding the transmission of redundant data), machine vision systems that utilise Prophesee’s image data acquisition and processing solutions are said to save computational power, bandwidth, memory and energy.