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After over 30 years of success with Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions, Kelio have recently launched HR functionality, and combine all three in a comprehensive Workforce Management Solution!

Kelio solutions aim to save time, make life easier and offer a range of different features. Our Time and Attendance system supports logging absences, resource planning, attendance and payroll preparation, all connected to our clocking in terminals or remote clocking in via mobiles or PCs: simple and easy to use.

The Time and Attendance software module allows the payroll team to free themselves from entering payroll elements on behalf of the employee or management by enabling them to enter their own absences and working hours directly. Individual overtime and the balance of hours can be easily accessed rather than taking time of the HR department every month with requests. Information can be exported for customer invoicing and payroll preparation by the accounting and human resources departments. This greatly reduces the risk of forgetting information or entering data twice!

Kelio’s HRIS and Time and Attendance software is compatible with more than 160 different types of payroll software, saving endless time for HR managers and reducing mistakes.

Kelio’s Access Control modules support access management, security, visitor management and muster control. There is the option for hybrid working with mobile clocking in and Kelio Xtrem terminals, suitable for clocking in and out in harsh working environments.

Access control is the management of permission for those external to an organisation but also the administration of access to certain restricted areas within a company. Controlling access to company premises is both a security issue for the protection of employees but also for the security of its material assets. Implementing a secure access control system makes it possible to protect both the premises and the employees. The employee has the option of using a badge in the form of a card, fob or phone and even biometric clocking in with finger print access.

With Kelio’s solutions, access control software is linked to a time and attendance management system, which enables access to the company’s premises to only be authorised during the working hours of each employee. This is also a huge benefit to companies whose employees work on varying shift patterns.

Both of these solutions, Time and Attendance and Access Control, are now combined in a comprehensive Workforce Management Solution with HR functionality, Time and Attendance and Access Control management; specifically designed to help your business manage its employees.

The new solution is designed to centralise all of your employee’s information, feeding into all HR processes, including personal data, certification history, medical appointments, skills management, electronic signatures, mass mailing and HR reporting.

A module dedicated to onboarding is also included! Set your new employees up in the right way by coordinating the tasks to be completed before their arrival, making them feel part of the team and have a positive experience before they have even started.

Kelio workforce management incorporates:

  • A comprehensive solution with one interface, rather than multiple different tools
  • A software suite that supports all types of organisation (SMES, major companies, government bodies, and other organisations), whatever their sector or size, thanks to flexible configuration capabilities, and the option to customise the solution to meet your needs by adding modules
  • Deployment by Kelio’s dedicated teams, with ongoing support when it is needed

Make HR easy, save staff time and improve efficiency and therefore productivity!

We will be exhibiting at the CIPD Festival of Work on 12th – 13th June, London Excel, come and meet our team!