ROCOL Steps Up With ‘Safe-Distancing’ Covid-19 Solution

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‘Social distancing’ – a term that is now heavily engrained in our daily lexicon. But what does it really mean? Basically, it is staying a safe distance from others, so we don’t risk spreading the COVID-19 virus. How do we know what is a safe distance?  

One thing we have surely all noticed is markings on floors in shops and other permitted public spaces to help show us the safe distance to leave between ourselves and the others around us. Whether it’s the supermarket, petrol station or public transport, we all have to adhere to the rules and equally important the signage, floor markings and taped areas. But what about self-distancing and safety in the workplace? Luckily, ROCOL is on hand with its Safe Step industrial tape for marking out ‘safe-distancing’ areas in the workplace.

Anti-slip SAFE STEP tape from UK based manufacturer ROCOL is quick and easy to apply and it provides an effective and durable anti-slip surface. Perfect for indoor use on floors, doorways, entrances, machinery platforms, ramps, steps and walkways, the hard-wearing Safe Step is available in 18.25m rolls with various widths that include 25, 50, 100 and 150mm.

So, if you want to give your workforce the confidence that you are exercising a responsible health & safety policy and in particular abiding by the 2m self-distancing advice from the UK government & WHO, get in touch with ROCOL to order your tape now. Stock is readily available to support UK manufacturers.