Robot investments will be essential for electronics manufacturing recovery

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TM Robotics launches robotics consultation service ~

Electronics manufacturing has experienced extraordinary change. Responding to the shifting needs of the sector, TM Robotics has launched a new robotics consultation service to advise manufacturers on how automation can aid recovery and growth. Held with a TM Robotics automation specialist, the free consultations can be managed remotely or by appointment. To book a consultation, visit the TM Robotics website.

Manufacturers in the electronics and electrical sector have long used robots to improve their processes. In fact, there were approximately 100,000 installations for this industry in 2018, alone. However, the needs of electronics manufacturing are changing.

Without a doubt, the electronics industry is among the industries hardest hit by COVID-19. The pandemic has altered fundamental drivers like customer behaviour, business revenues and access to suppliers. Experts are now investigating ways in which the sector, particularly the semiconductor industry, can emerge stronger after the pandemic. Their focusses include devices that enable servers, connectivity and cloud storage as demand grows for online tools.

Assessing the state of manufacturing, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) has suggested that manufacturers adopting and investing in robots will be key for achieving growth against the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. To steer towards recovery, manufacturers may be looking to increase their operational efficiency and reduce overheads with automation — but do so without excessive risk.

To support electronics manufacturers through their investments, TM Robotics’ new service will provide free consultations to help them determine the best approach for their recovery.

“Manufacturers in the electronics industry are experiencing unique challenges,” explained Nigel Smith, president and CEO at TM Robotics. “Some are frantically searching for ways to diversify, while others have dramatically increased or decreased output and have been forced to rethink their production methods. Naturally, different challenges require different approaches.

“TM Robotics’ global distributor network spans six continents and, within it, boasts unrivalled expertise in industrial robot installation. The launch of the robotics consultation service will provide manufacturers in the electronics sector with practical advice on which automation tools can prove most effective for them, based on an assessment of their unique situation.”

Consultations will be held virtually using a video conferencing service and will be hosted by one of TM Robotics’ robotic automation experts. Alternatively, consultations can be arranged by appointment.  

To arrange a consultation, please contact TM Robotics directly at or visit the website at