Interconics Install Equipment from Altus’ Staff Safety Solutions

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Interconics, specialists in high quality technology solutions for both PCB manufacture and SMT assembly, has turned to Altus, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, to help in recommending specialist equipment to improve staff and visitor safety and keep the facility Covid-safe.

Interconics, based in Atworth, Somerset has been very conscious of the impact and effects of the Coronavirus on its staff and customers. As part of the company’s plans to ensure a secure working environment, Altus were consulted to advise on the best solutions to suit Interconics specific requirements.

“Interconics is a valued customer of Altus and when they approached us to recommend the best safety solutions we were happy to help,” explained Richard Booth, CEO, Altus Group.

“When Coronavirus started to impact our customers back in March, we worked hard to source the very best products to support them. This included finding hand sanitising solutions, thermal measurement equipment and ozone-based technologies that would allow our customers to remain open and active.

“Interconics has invested in new hardware and chemistry that combines automatic contactless hand sanitising, together with thermal screening. We integrated these requirements together into one ‘safety station’ for ease of use and to minimise on the space needed to house the equipment.

“Staff and customers present themselves to the station located in the reception area and are permitted access if given the all clear, thus ensuring fulfilment of the latest safety guidelines. The plan is to further extend this entry procedure with barcode/RFID data management to ensure compliance and record the necessary data for traceability.

“Altus is also looking to implement non-alcohol based hand sanitiser chemistry into the workplace. The product, Nilaqua, made in the West Country, has a very impressive CV. It can kill up to 99.9999% of bacteria providing an impressive 6-hour post application protection. If used on surfaces it is active for 30 days, a great benefit,” concluded Richard.

Dave Weston, Interconic’s Managing Director and Owner said: “We have spent a good deal of time and energy to find practical solutions and procedures to allow us to continue to run our operation safely.

“At first viewing there seems to be many providers of these virus-related safety solutions, but with further research, we generally found potential suppliers did not have the knowledge, experience, or supply chain to fulfil their promises. We were very pleased that Altus were able to fulfil all their commitments in this matter. To my knowledge, this new unit is the first of its kind, which has the capability to hand sanitise, take thermal measurement, and have tracking capability.”

Altus Group Ltd. has developed a range of staff safety solutions immediately available from their Redditch HQ. For more information, contact Altus on or visit

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