Vanilla Electronics Works with Altus to Put Staff Safety First

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The landscape of the working environment has changed rapidly in order to cope with the pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic. In response, Vanilla Electronics, a market leader in supply chain management for the electronics manufacturing industry, has worked closely with Altus to find safety solutions.

COVID-19 is here for the foreseeable future which means businesses must continue and adapt to new ways of working. To ensure staff and customers are safe when at the Norfolk site, Vanilla Electronics has invested in thermal measurement and temperature monitoring equipment from Hikvision, a world leading IoT solution provider.

Human skin-surface temperature is an important indicator of physical health. Using thermographic technology, Hikvision’s Minmoe touch-free access control and temperature screening solution is designed to achieve rapid preliminary screening with high efficiency. It can be easily fitted to a wall at a building’s reception or on a temperature screening terminal with floor standing bracket making it portable.

Dan Croft, Vanilla CEO said: “We underwent extensive research to find a company that could offer us a sustainable method of checking people upon entry to replace the task being completed manually. Altus offered touch-free entry systems that can be installed into our office.

“We now have a wall-mounted entry system that will measure the temperature of everyone entering the building, as well as being able to detect whether or not people are wearing a mask. Combined with a door entry control unit, the new system won’t allow anyone to enter with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or above. It will also issue a command for you to put a face mask on if you are scanned without one.

“Minmoe has provided us with a safer environment, with smart integration of additional capabilities, all at a cost effective level. The system integrates perfectly with our other high-tech IOT products throughout Vanilla Electronics, which are now found in all areas of the business from reception to stores automation, and within automated manufacturing services.”

Joe Booth, Altus Director – Business Development and Marketing concluded: “We work hard to support our customers with the very best technology available in the market, and that includes safety solutions. The Minmoe system can be installed with ease and integrates seamlessly into a businesses to offer peace of mind and ensure a secure working environment for all.”

An alternative to Minmoe is Hikvision’s walk-through gate. This can be installed to monitor temperature as people walk through the reception. Adopting the thermal imagery technology, the walk-through detector realises non-contact temperature measurement with the face detection function of the camera making an accurate positioning of the measurement. Additionally the detector also supports metal detection making its use multifunctional.  

“With Hikvision, you have a thermal measurement solution with the potential of full traceability and analysis. Whether you are looking for a solution to help measure skin temperature, or a touch-free access terminal for your facility, this equipment can work well as a safety solution going forward,” concluded Joe.

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