GLORY selects PTC’s ThingWorx for development of its next-generation remote monitoring solution

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GLORY, a global leader in cash automation solutions for the financial, retail and gaming industries, has selected PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial IoT platform and Microsoft Azure to develop and run its new cloud-based remote management solution UbiqularTM Bridge, which enables real-time insights into the performance of its devices.

The company’s solutions are deployed by banks and retailers in more than 100 countries around the world to optimise the cost of managing cash and enhance the customer experience – central to this value proposition is maximum uptime of the devices.

ThingWorx is designed to accelerate Industrial IoT deployments across the enterprise value chain. The award-winning platform contains a broad set of features, including multiple connectivity options, application development tools and analytics. It also enables businesses like GLORY to create scalable and secure solutions that provide high levels of return on investment.

“GLORY has a rich tradition of placing our customers at the centre of our business strategy and this focus has uncovered an increasing need for advanced remote management capabilities,” said Sion Roberts, EVP of Global Digital Services at GLORY.

“To satisfy this demand, we needed the best IoT platform for the job, which led us to replace our legacy IoT platform, Axeda ®, with ThingWorx running on Microsoft Azure.”

“Understanding operational efficiency is the key for our customers,” continued Roberts.

“With ThingWorx, we enhanced our cloud-based remote management application, UbiqularTM Bridge, to deliver real-time performance data, allowing key executive insights into the effectiveness of operations.

“By driving efficiencies through monitoring, collecting, and analysing data delivered to the GLORY Service Centre, we will be able to better identify and develop service improvements for our connected devices and support new customers who come onboard. Additionally, the transition from Axeda to ThingWorx was managed smoothly and successfully by the service professionals in the PTC Customer Success Team.”

“ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure have enabled Glory to rapidly develop and deploy a tailored, scalable, and secure application suite that can provide its customers with real-time operational intelligence,” said Joe Biron, Divisional General Manager, IoT Segment at PTC. “We are pleased Glory selected our technology to ensure its customer-centric strategies succeed and look forward to new projects with this world-class company.”