Dugard New Machines at EMO

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At the forthcoming EMO exhibition, the principal partners of Dugard Machine Tools will be introducing a host of new machine tools that will be available from Dugard this autumn. The new arrivals include highly productive sliding head turning centres from Hanwha, robust turning centres from SMEC and multi-axis high-end machining centres from Kitamura.

For manufacturers of turned parts, Hanwha will be demonstrating the capabilities of its new Hanwha XDI26 and XDI32 sliding head turning centres. Available from Dugard, the new Hanwha XDI26 and XDI32 are sliding head turning centres that provide a turning capacity of 26mm and 32mm diameter respectively. The 3-path 9-axis independent opposite gang tool machines demonstrate exceptional levels of productivity and flexibility for all your small turned part machining applications. The compact production centres are supplied with a FANUC 31iB CNC control, 7 turning tools plus 4 front and 7 rear ER16M tools as well as a multitude of cross drill and B-axis tools for optimum flexibility. As standard, the new XDI machines include cross drilling units, guide bush holder, coolant flow sensors, superimposed control, part conveyor and more. The optional extras are seemingly endless – ensuring that Dugard can facilitate all of your small turned part needs with this new series.

For the turning of larger parts, SMEC will be introducing the new PL2000 and NS2100 turning centres. The SMEC PL2000 Series is a 6 or 8-inch chuck machine with a 45-degree slant bed with torque tubing for heavy-duty machining. Available in several variants, the new PL2000 offers a swing over bed of 570mm with a machining length up to 307mm and a through bore capacity of 61 or 76mm depending upon the chosen variant. With a powerful 11/18.5kW spindle motor and up to 12 tool positions on a turret, the PL2000 is a compact and powerful workhorse that will improve productivity and performance for any turned part manufacturer. 

From Dugard’s high-end machining portfolio, Kitamura will be introducing no fewer than four new machines. This will include the new Mycenter M-2XV, M-3XV, M-4XV and the compact 5-axis 3XVT Series of vertical machining centres. The Mycenter M-2XV is equipped with a 2 station 180-degree automatic rotating pallet changer, a 40 tool magazine and a powerful 41hp 15,000rpm spindle – making it an extremely compact production centre. Like the M-2XV, the M-3XV is a powerhouse VMC built upon a stiff C-cast frame with heavy-duty linear guideways with a 500 by 860mm table for larger components. To accommodate larger components, the M-4XV has a 500 by 1120mm table with a maximum 1000kg table capacity. All three machines are equipped with Kitamura’s powerful Arumatik-jr CNC control system and a host of standard features that highlight why Kitamura machines are ‘best-in-class’.

Appearing at EMO alongside the Mycenter M-XV series will be the 5-axis Mycenter M-3XVT. With a 500mm diameter trunnion table that is integrated into the machine for maximum rigidity, the speed of this machine is demonstrated by its 48m/min rapid feed rates and 2.2-second tool changes. For further information on any of the new machines, please contact Dugard.