International investment platform for Aurrigo’s autonomous technologies

Product News

One of Coventry’s leading manufacturers will showcase its latest autonomous technology at the Global Investment Summit taking place in London tomorrow.

Aurrigo, which employs 70 people at its Advanced Engineering Centre in the City, is part of a ‘green dozen’ that have been selected due to their ability to drive the UK’s sustainable future.

The company will have its electric-powered 4-seater ‘Auto-Pod’ and ‘Auto-Dolly’ luggage and cargo solution on display to more than 200 potential investors who are expected to arrive ahead of COP26.

Selection comes just a few weeks after it announced its best-ever month of autonomous sales, with £500,000 of new deals in place with local authorities, universities and other commercial partners.

“Our vehicles are revolutionising the aviation, transport and logistics sectors, helping our customers achieve greener and more sustainable operations,” explained David Keene, CEO of Aurrigo.

“Whether it’s our Auto-Shuttle, Auto-Pod or our aviation first Auto-Dolly, all our autonomous technology is built on electric-powered vehicles, designed and developed by us, which deliver advanced performance and environmental improvements for our customers and their end users.

He continued: “The Global Investment Summit is a perfect platform to promote Aurrigo and our game-changing technologies to the world.”

Hosted by the Prime Minister and supported by members of the Royal Family, the Global Investment Summit will demonstrate Britain’s commitment to green industrial revolution in the UK and abroad ahead of COP26, and promote the UK as a top destination for foreign investment.

Attendees will see the latest cutting-edge innovation that is helping deliver key areas of the Prime Minister’s Ten-Point Plan, helping cement the UK’s position as a science superpower and the world’s number one centre for green technology.

The country’s pioneering work in this space will be vital in helping reduce emissions and limit the rise in global temperatures.

Minister for Investment Gerry Grimstone said: “Our Global Investment Summit will put UK innovation on the map and demonstrate how we can use investment to nurture technological developments and propel our economy towards a more prosperous, exciting future.

“Aurrigo and the other businesses show why the UK is a global hub for green technology – from major advances in tidal turbines and fusion energy, to electric vehicle development and zero emission aircrafts.

“These industries of the future will not only help ensure a cleaner, greener planet but also create high-value jobs across the UK.”

Aurrigo recently supplied its £250,000 fully autonomous and electric Auto-Shuttle as part of ground-breaking passenger trials currently being delivered at the NEC.

Carrying up to eight passengers, the vehicle uses a suite of sensors to understand its surroundings, allowing it to move around safely, interacting with live traffic with little or no operator input.

The testing at the NEC, backed by funds from the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), sees it operate autonomously along a 1-mile pre-mapped section of Pendigo Way between Hall 5 and Resorts World and expects to cater for more than 1000 people during the four-week period.

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