Micromachining the smart way

Product News

At the forthcoming EMO exhibition, CHIRON will present its Micro5 compact machining centre. The remarkably small machine that is now available in the UK from Wellesbourne based Engineering Technology Group (ETG) guarantees maximum precision for small workpieces.

The smallest medical instruments and delicate parts for the micro-manufacturing, watchmaking and jewellery industries require machining that is both highly precise and also dynamic – that’s where the Micro5 machining centre by FACTORY5 comes into its own. The five-axis machine is extremely compact and quick and easy to set up almost anywhere. With a 5:1 ratio of machine to workpieces, and a five-times lower weight, not to mention 50-times lower energy consumption than conventional systems, the innovative machining centre is destined to open new opportunities to UK manufacturers.

More efficient

The central element of the Micro5, which is literally the size of a fridge – is a high-performance milling spindle. This reduces the machining time significantly compared to larger machines. Tool changes take less than five seconds. Thanks to its particularly high rigidity, the compact, five-axis machining centre also ensures high precision and optimum surface quality. At just 500 Watts, the Micro5 also consumes very little energy. It is operated simply by an intuitive HMI panel and with a noise level under 50 decibels, it’s quieter than a dishwasher.

Feed5 – Greater autonomy, greater production capacity

Early users of the Micro5 were particularly keen to achieve increased autonomy – they wanted the machine to allow automatic loading for higher production capacity. Chiron and ETG have answered this call with the Feed5, a six-axis handling robot for loading and unloading, which automatically feeds in workpieces. As compact as the Micro5 is, the Feed5 is particularly useful for enabling increased autonomy and productivity for longer series runs as the handling system loads the machine. The maximum workpiece size for the Micro5 is 50 by 50 by 50mm. For further information on this compact new machine, please contact Engineering Technology Group (ETG).