Hainbuch to Show New Technology at MACH 2022

Product News

Making its premiere appearance at MACH 2022, the new Hainbuch System is a complete gamechanger for manufacturers looking for efficient and flexible workholding. As expected from Hainbuch, the exhibition stand H20-447 will be crammed with exciting new technology that will make your visit to the Birmingham NEC from the 4th to the 8th of April truly worthwhile.

The Hainbuch System is a groundbreaking quick-change innovation that adapts to your needs, allowing manufacturers to clamp 1000 different workpieces without the need for a multitude of solutions. With the Hainbuch System engineers now only need one basic clamping device, a chuck or a stationary chuck that remains on the machine tool. Whether it is OD, ID, prismatic components, jaw, magnetic or clamping between centres – the Hainbuch System provides a solution without any compromises.

The workpiece determines the adaptation required and converts your basic clamping device for the particular application. This incredible solution reduces set-up times substantially while increasing flexibility and making it possible to easily squeeze in fast turnaround jobs – making sure you are optimally prepared for every clamping situation, whether it is turning, milling or grinding. The Hainbuch System is a new series of mandrels and adaptors that encompasses the complete range of Hainbuch products.

This includes the exciting Toplus Premium Chuck. The Hainbuch portfolio of chucks has always been very precise and once the chucks are aligned, the runout is near to zero for repeat clamping. If chuck heads are changed, the runout is usually between 3 to 7μm without alignment. With the Toplus Premium Chuck, Hainbuch guarantees a runout of ≤5μm without alignment, regardless of which clamping head is used. By utilising the new Toplus Premium Chuck with the associated premium clamping heads and by clamping against the workpiece stop, this level of accuracy is always achieved.

This means that manufacturers no longer have to lose time-making adjustments for small batch sizes. This simplifies set-ups and allows manufacturers to be highly flexible as the new Toplus Premium Chuck is just as accurate as a chuck that is aligned for series production.

Also capable of working in harmony with the new Hainbuch System is the exceptional SPANNTOP mini chuck series. The MANDO Adapt mandrel and the corresponding jaw module already work perfectly with the new SPANNTOP mini, meaning complete autonomy for your small component clamping needs.

Unlike the SPANNTOP mini chuck, the configuration for the TOPlus system is a little different. Whereas the SPANNTOP uses an adaptor ring, the TOPlus system has a ring of attachment holes to secure the market-leading jaw module. At MACH, Hainbuch will once again be showcasing the MANDO Adapt series of adapters that work in harmony with the popular TOPlus as well as other leading products in the new Hainbuch System.

The SPANNTOP and TOPlus Mini-Series are offered with a full through-bore plus a variety of standard lengths to suit all machine types and drawtube configurations. For the customer, this exciting range of possibilities gives maximum flexibility with O.D. clamping via the clamping head and I.D. clamping with the mandrel adapting MANDO Adapt system whilst complete jaw clamping can be accommodated with the new jaw adapting module.

Also making an appearance at MACH 2022 will be the Centrotex quick change-over interface that is now available in a new version for smaller machine spindles. Recognised as the smallest available system for setting up clamping devices in a matter of seconds, the quick change Centrotex S has a diameter of just 224mm.

The Centrotex S is the perfect solution for eliminating non-productive downtime, set-up time and job changeover times that are often increased when access to a compact work envelope can be restrictive on operator movement. With its fast change-over system and compact design, the new Centrotex S eliminates excessive set-up times and it is the perfect solution for compact machine tools with a small work envelope. With repeatability better than ≤0.002mm on the interface without having to re-align, the latest addition to the Centrotex family of ‘quick change’ systems can also meet the most rigorous of industry requirements.

Automation is increasingly important to manufacturers and to this end, Hainbuch will have an automation station on its stand to introduce some of the many new automation innovations that are coming to market soon. This automation station will include the new IQ chuck and IQ mandrel with integrated measuring intelligence.

With integrated sensor technology, the IQ enables many different measurements and monitoring of diameter, temperature, RPM, clamping forces and workpiece contact – data that links your business to the world of Industry 4.0 with boundless benefits. The measured data is relayed via contactless transmission of data and energy directly to the machine controller where it is analysed.

The controller executes a setpoint comparison. If there are deviations, a message is output or a correction is initiated. As part of the automation station at MACH, the IQ system will work alongside the Centrotex and Hainbuch System – demonstrating how Hainbuch is bringing the world of automation and Industry 4.0 to your workholding and clamping systems.

Also incorporated in the automation station will be the TOPlus AC (Automated Change) and SPANNTOP AC chucks, clamping heads and workpiece end-stops that can be changed automatically. They enable unattended set-up and manufacturing of workpieces with different clamping diameters, profiles and clamping lengths.

To gain a better understanding of all these new automation and Industry 4.0 solutions and how Hainbuch can streamline your set-ups and increase your productivity, visit us on Stand H20-447 at MACH 2022.