VOLLMER and ultraTEC enter partnership for the future

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ultraTEC Anlagentechnik Münz GmbH from Laupheim and the VOLLMER Group from Biberach see eye to eye:

As of the 1st of July 2022, sharpening specialist VOLLMER holds a majority share in the start-up company ultraTEC Anlagentechnik Münz GmbH, which will be known as ultraTEC innovation GmbH in future. ultraTEC launched its ultrasonic deburring systems in 2019 and is keen to advance its economic and marketing development together with VOLLMER. VOLLMER was mainly impressed by the start-up’s innovative spirit, the unique ultrasonic deburring technology and the fact that ultraTEC is a family-owned company from Swabia, just like VOLLMER.

“When we founded our company three years ago, we based our foundations on our son Jonas’ successful project on ultrasonic deburring as part of the ‘Jugend forscht’ initiative, my wife’s economic expertise and my will to turn these into a start-up company,” said Dieter Münz, CEO of ultraTEC innovation. “Today, we offer four different ultrasonic deburring systems and with VOLLMER, we have an experienced partner at our side who can help us bring our technology to customers across the world with their size.”

The core expertise of ultraTEC innovation lies in the contact-free deburring of metal and plastic components with specially developed sonotrodes. Burrs or protruding fibres are created during machining processes like cutting or injection moulding. For tools, hydraulic components, micro components or medical implants – deburring edges after machining is absolutely essential.

Ultrasonic deburring is the only method that can be implemented in a fully automated, contact-free and energy-efficient manner, for virtually any material and in a validatable process, unlike common methods using high-pressure water jets or ECM (electrochemical machining). High-pressure water jet deburring systems, for example, need around twenty times more energy for deburring similar parts than ultrasonic deburring systems from ultraTEC. Ultrasonic deburring is also an alternative for components that are difficult to deburr and currently require manual deburring.

It was not only the innovative and patented ultrasonic deburring technology with in-house sonotrode development that convinced VOLLMER to take on a majority share in ultraTEC Anlagentechnik Münz GmbH. The start-up’s history and philosophy are a particularly good match for the Biberach-based sharpening specialist. Like VOLLMER, ultraTEC is a family-owned machine manufacturer and what’s more, it is based only around 20 kilometres away from Biberach in the Swabian town of Laupheim.

“Aside from the name change to ultraTEC innovation, we aim to allow the innovative spirit of this outstanding start-up by the Münz family to develop with only minor influence from our side,” said Stefan Brand and Jürgen Hauger, CEOs of the VOLLMER Group. “We see our task in expanding the immense technological market potential of the method and the current team of ten employees and to advance the global sales, service and marketing for current and future ultrasonic deburring systems using our years of experience.”