Tungaloy Introduces New PCD Line for High-Speed Milling

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With the global launch of the new ADDFORCE brand from Tungaloy that now introduces the very latest cutting tool innovations, the cutting tool manufacturer has introduced its new TungRec DX110 Series of PCD insert grades for unrivalled performance when machining aluminium alloy components.

The Tungaloy TungRec milling range has long been an exceptional performer with its innovative tool bodies and insert geometries, but now, this line is set to take aluminium machining to a new level with the new DX110 PCD insert grade. Developed for the finish machining of ISO N materials, the new DX110 grade incorporates an ultrafine micrograin structure that provides outstanding surface finishes and component quality whilst demonstrating exceptional cutting edge integrity. This ability to maintain edge sharpness over a prolonged period ensures that end-users benefit from impressive tool life and extended periods of unmanned running with the economical benefit of reduced insert consumption.

The new DX110 inserts are the first PCD solution to be incorporated into the TungRec line, offering existing TungRec users the facility to enhance aluminium machining capabilities with existing tool bodies. At present, the PCD inserts are available for TungRec 11 size toolholders, offering the facility for improving small diameter milling tools where vibration and excessive tool overhang are commonplace. Furthermore, the insert geometry and composition reduce cutting forces to generate a particularly smooth cutting action that rapidly removes chips from the work area whilst further reducing vibration and improving surface finishes.

Perfect for the machining of aluminium components in the aerospace, automotive and general subcontract sectors, the DX110 insert grade and the TungRec toolholders for insert size 11 provide manufacturers with an indexable cutting tool solution from as small as 12mm diameter. With tool diameter bodies extending up to 100mm diameter, this new arrival to the TungRec range perfectly complements the existing TungSpeed-Mill PCD Series where the smallest diameter tool body is 50mm. For further details on how to accelerate your small part milling of aluminium alloy components, please contact Tungaloy UK.