Eden invests in new Bruderer high-precision press to advance innovation and sustainability

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Eden invests in new Bruderer high-precision press to advance innovation and sustainability

Taking advantage of new export opportunities has seen a Middlesex manufacturer invest more than £300,000 into a new high-speed precision stamping press line.

Eden Limited, a specialist in optical air-blown fibre and cables fittings for the global telecommunication industry, renewed a 35-year working relationship with Bruderer UK to place the order for the BSTA 180-36B press – fitted with the latest high speed precision servo feeder.

This latest addition is being utilised to drive innovation of new product ranges and to supply existing telecoms contracts, ensuring sustainability and development of the legacy network in the UK and abroad.

This machine is already delivering greater accuracies, with Bruderer UK’s quick lift-ram technology – that dynamically adjusts bottom dead centre position whilst in operation – meaning the business can guarantee process stability and part quality to their customers regardless of the volumes required.

“A pre-owned Bruderer BSTA 30 was one of the first machines I bought when I started the business back in 1993,” explained Dave Hawkins, Chairman of Eden.

“It has given us tremendous service and reliability, so when we were looking to advance our press shops technology to make parts 10x quicker to compete with Far East made products, there was only one investment I was going to make and the new Bruderer press is going to be fantastic for us.”

He continued: “We have built our reputation on innovative products that have become and continue to be the go-to industry standard for over 20 years and, as such, are frequently copied worldwide. Investments, like the Bruderer press, ensures we keep ahead of our competition and paves the way for future expansion.

“We have seen demand increase significantly since lockdown, as we are one of the very few companies worldwide that control all elements of the manufacture in-house. This gives us a unique position in the market to supply when others could not, so much so we have invested some £1.5m over the last 18 months, culminating in the acquisition of the high-speed precision press.”

The Bruderer UK technical team, headed by Scott Baker, worked with Eden to spec the BSTA 180-36B to its exact requirements, adding a state-of-the-art high-speed precision BSV75 Servo Feeder (including automatic material thickness adjustment) and other options to help speed up tool development, tool changeovers and the efficiency of the whole process.

Adrian Haller, Managing Director at Bruderer UK, picked up the story: “This machine will future-proof Eden’s press capability for decades and delivers the unrivalled performance and repeatable accuracy it needs when manufacturing precision components.

“What is really pleasing about this project is that Dave and his team first purchased a Bruderer back in 1993 and that press has given them unbelievable service and will continue to do so. When the time came to add even further capability, there was no hesitation in coming back to us – these strategic partnerships is what our company is all about.”

Pam Gill, Managing Director at Eden, concluded: “The entire project was seamless and Bruderer’s service and support remains second to none.

“Everything was project managed for us from start to finish, meaning we could concentrate on meeting the increases in production and putting in place the platform we needed to maximise several new product and export opportunities.”

For further information, please visit www.edenltd.co.uk or www.bruderer.co.uk. You can also find out more on precision high-speed presses by following @brudereruk on twitter.