Armoured vehicle event the perfect platform to promote prestige bearings

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The Armoured Vehicle Exhibition and IAV Conference (January 23rd– 26th) provide precision bearing specialist CARTER MANUFACTURING the ideal opportunity to promote its extensive range of industry leading bearings and tools. Staged at the Twickenham Stadium in London, the event focuses on the latest defence and military cutting-edge technology which is relevant to a wide range of applications.

The defence and military industries include some of the most demanding applications for precision bearings with manufacturers seeking the latest technology to rotate critical military equipment with ever-increasing speed, accuracy and durability. Carter has a long and established reputation spanning over 20 years of supplying precision bearings which are designed to meet the demands of the unique loadings, temperatures and speeds occurring in these challenging military applications.

The Carter range includes; Silverthin precision thin section bearings, which are perfect for where weight and space is at a premium. These bearings are used in fighter jets, helicopters, UAV’s, airlift, cargo, commercial aircraft as well as ground combat and security vehicles. Military Turret Bearings, where light weight and ultra-compact components are also essential along with optimum corrosion resistance. UNASIS UltraLight slewing bearings, which consist of wire raceways inserted in thin support rings results in bearings that are up to 60% lighter than those made entirely of steel, yet offer a higher load capacity and a larger diameter.

Engineers and designers in the armoured vehicle sector use cam followers and cam yoke rollers for applications which demand safe handling of heavy loads and those produced by Carter are specifically designed for linear motion applications where they cover both horizontal and vertical movements. In addition, the innovative integral stud feature on Carter cam followers ensures simple and rapid assembly, whilst minimising component costs.

Custom Military bearings are designed for the most extreme environments, when ‘standard’ bearings are simply not suitable. These include bearings for high and low temperature applications, shock loading and corrosive environments, on land, at sea and outer space. Carter engineers are able to design specialised aircraft bearings using SolidWorks and support each project by validating theoretical bearing performance using their own application software. This includes comprehensive reports to better inform customers and supports them in making their critical component choices. Furthermore, with our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) study and specialised knowledge of how to interpret all the data, means we can maximise mechanical performance.

To complete the package Carter offer Aerospace Installation Testing and Removal Tools which are designed specifically to maximise a bearing’s performance, ensure operational safety along with correct installation. Whether you are putting a bearing into an airframe assembly, the main shaft of a jet engine, or a suspension system, the consequences of faulty installation can be severe. This is why the complete range of UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Tools can be supplied to customers to ensure correct installation, first time, every time.

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