Doosan Industrial Vehicle Transfers Parts Distribution Center from Belgium to Germany

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Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), a leading supplier of quality material handling equipment, has announced the successful transfer of its Parts Distribution Center (PDC) from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium to Halle, Germany. This strategic move comes as a result of the integration of DIV within Doosan Bobcat, a brand well-known for its leadership in the compact equipment industry.

Expanding Operations for Enhanced Service and Efficiency 

The new location in Halle Sachsen-Anhalt, where Doosan Bobcat already operates its daily business for Bobcat construction equipment spare parts, boasts a significantly larger facility of 34,500 m2, compared to the previous location in Belgium of 3200 m2. This expansion will have a positive impact on the availability of Doosan spare parts in all of continental Europe.

Improved Delivery and Enhanced Flexibility 

By relocating the Parts Distribution Center, Doosan Industrial Vehicle aims to bring forth a multitude of benefits for its parts delivery service, ensuring an enhanced experience for its partners and customers. The key advantages include a late cut-off period at 18:30 (EU countries) and 17:30 (Non-EU countries), a considerable improvement from the current 15:00 cut-off time. Additionally, the new center enables next-day delivery service to the entire European Union territory, thanks to its close proximity of just 15 minutes to the DHL Air Hub, facilitating swift transportation.

Building on Expertise and Data to Provide Exceptional Customer Experience 

The completion of the transition to the German Parts Distribution Center builds upon Doosan Bobcat’s long-standing operations in Halle, where the company has amassed valuable data and experience, enabling them to provide an exceptional customer experience.

“We are delighted to announce the successful transfer to our Parts Distribution Center in Germany,” said Paulo Florindo, Vice President Aftermarket & Product Support at Doosan Bobcat. “This move represents an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services and delivering a top-notch customer experience throughout. The new facility in Halle, with 10 times larger span will allow us to streamline our operations, improve delivery times, and offer greater flexibility to our customers.”

About Doosan Industrial Vehicle 

Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a company within the Doosan Group. Since the production of the first forklift in Korea in 1968, the Forklifts Division has been determined to meet customers’ needs for quality material handling supplies and services. All machines are designed to offer simple, powerful and high performance as well as operator comfort and environmental friendliness, that help customers to get the most from their investment.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle now supplies forklifts to over 90 countries and has become a preferred supplier to many of the world’s leading fleet users.

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