Save Money, Save Energy: How Tinytag Data Loggers Contribute to Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency

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Before-and-after power/energy usage analysis is vital in energy audits and for organisations to validate energy-saving measures, especially for high consumers of electricity. The Tinytag Energy Logger is a portable data logger which can be used to monitor electricity consumption in individual pieces of equipment to help identify where potential energy usage savings can be made, improving energy performance and cost savings.

For a small initial investment, the Tinytag Energy Logger provides businesses with information about significant areas of energy usage, informing energy savings and leading to reduced costs. Recording data before energy-saving implementation can inform your strategy by revealing areas of high power consumption that could feasibly be reduced, as well as the peak times for energy usage in your facility. Data recorded after energy-saving plans are executed verify the energy savings of the methods in place, providing useful historical data to refer back to and report on.

Specialist industrial lubricants manufacturer Interflon uses the Tinytag Energy data logger in electrical monitoring to show its customers how using its products results in energy savings. Before-and-after monitoring using the Tinytag Energy Logger demonstrates how Interflon’s lubricants can significantly lower friction levels in electrically-driven machinery, in turn lowering energy consumption.

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures comprehensive building monitoring equipment, including temperature and relative humidity data loggers for assessing occupant comfort, data loggers for monitoring energy usage and efficiency, and carbon dioxide data loggers for monitoring indoor air quality. The Tinytag Connect system – comprising Radio and LAN data loggers and Tinytag Explorer Connect software – allows wireless, automatic environmental monitoring, ideal for large sites and applications.