Alchemy Metals Rebrand as Waste Mission

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Alchemy Metals today launched their new trading name of Waste Mission. The rebrand enables the family run waste management supplier to champion sustainable waste management for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

With a mission to make the world a few shades greener, Waste Mission is dedicated to turning complex industrial waste challenges into sustainable solutions. The rebranding represents a strategic shift in the company’s focus and commitment towards environmental sustainability.

Under the new name, Waste Mission redefines its identity in the waste management industry. The rebranding not only demonstrates the company’s evolution but also reflects its determination to drive positive change in the industry, and to make the complexity of waste management simple and sustainable.

Nicola Guest, Group Marketing Manager for Waste Mission said: “The rebrand highlights the evolution of our business, but also speaks to a larger intent to inspire a broader evolution of the industrial waste management industry as a whole, to become more transparent, more accountable, and definitely more future-focused and sustainable. We want the industry to be transformed, operating with 100% integrity, transparency and traceability”

The pioneering waste management and scrap metal specialist has evolved steadily over the last 4 decades to become a full-service waste management company specialising in industrial waste. Even if a waste challenge seems complex, their experienced team loves turning it into a simple, sustainable and often profitable solution.

Waste Mission’s internal exploratory environment, fuelled by collaboration with its customers, has brought about innovative approaches and sustainable solutions to waste management that have benefited their customers’ bottom line by encouraging them to rethink waste while identifying valuable opportunities within the UK’s burgeoning circular economy.

“We already work with a range of major electricity network operators offering them unique services for their transformer and switchgear recycling, ensuring that nasty elements like PCBs and F Gases are safely recycled. Additionally we are developing some unique technologies in the WEEE waste sector allowing us to extract precious metals from WEEE waste.” said Guest. “This rebrand will enable us to work with businesses across the UK to offer a greater range of services, from a single point of contact” she continued.

Waste Mission’s presence at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show this week in Farnborough provides an excellent platform to showcase their innovative solutions and connect with industry professionals. Attendees can expect to learn about the company’s groundbreaking waste management technologies and strategies that contribute to future that’s a few shades greener.