Axil Achieves Record Growth: Celebrating Six Years of Innovation in Waste Management

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Happy Birthday! April marks a significant milestone for the Axil team, as they celebrate six years of delivering industry-leading total waste management solutions, accompanied by an outstanding 570% surge in growth.

Axil was founded by Managing Director, Edward Pigg, in March 2018. He set out with a clear vision that industries needed more when it came to waste management. The business now has over 150 major customers and many more sites across a client base of critical UK sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical.

Based in Corby and Cannock and operating across the UK, Axil started with just 34 people in 2018. Now, with over 200 team members, the organisation thrives on fresh ideas and innovation, using digital tools and data-driven insights to revolutionise waste management experiences.

In this short period, Axil has achieved an astounding growth rate, translating into an impressive £34 million revenue. The organisation has expanded into new sectors, offering innovative and responsible waste management solutions. By creating a business that places clients, employees and a supportive culture at its heart, Axil has become one of the leading total waste management organisations in the UK.

Ed talks about how Axil came about and their growth:  “From the start, our goal was clear: to build a resilient business that thrives in tough markets. Axil was founded on the belief that organisations deserve more than mere waste removal. With a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we work with our clients, turning challenges into opportunities, re-engineering waste, whilst delivering significant and lasting cost savings.

Our leadership team, from diverse backgrounds, always had a vision of what success looked like in a busy marketplace. The key? Bringing together the right team, united by a 100% commitment to excellent customer service and an internal culture centred on integrity, teamwork and environmental stewardship.”

From a modest start, Axil is now a leading player and currently partners with some of the most recognised UK manufacturing brands including BMW Group, Whirlpool, LEVC, Recipharm and Lush, supporting them in achieving sustainability and environmental excellence.

Reflecting on the last six years, Ed said: “None of this would be possible without the support of our incredible team, partners, clients, and supply chain. We have a dedicated and energetic team, made up of experienced, as well as young minds, delivering first-class products and services. They are our future leaders with a great career ahead of them. While growth is challenging, we won’t forget our roots and the people who got us here.”

As Axil marks this significant milestone, it remains focused on the future. With innovation at its core, a growing community of dedicated team members, and a commitment to supporting SMEs and local employment, Axil is geared up for even greater achievements in the years to come. The company has ambitious growth goals that will see it expanding into other crucial UK sectors.

Ed says that Axil is more than just a workplace; it’s an experience. “Encouraging fun, innovation, and ownership, we thrive in a culture of individual excellence, teamwork, and innovation. Our focus always stays on working with talented individuals, capable of exceeding our customer’s expectation and empowering them to work with our clients to achieve the best waste solutions possible. We are incredibly proud of how far we’ve come since 2018 and would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years.”

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