Helen Herd appointed Group Head of Sustainability at McBride

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As part of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment, McBride, the leading European manufacturer and supplier of Private Label and Contract Manufactured cleaning products, has appointed Helen Herd as Group Head of Sustainability.

Prior to this appointment, Helen was the lead for Product Development and Marketing for the Liquid division and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new role. In addition she has undertaken an MSc in Sustainable Development to bring more insights into the business.

Helen will drive and coordinate the achievement of the Group’s carbon reduction ambition as well as leading the cultural requirements to achieve the company’s targets. She will be the Group’s spokesperson on sustainability, and lead on the Group’s compliance and reporting obligations.

This recruitment underpins McBride’s drive to differentiate itself through providing sustainable, great value and high performing cleaning solutions that support the delivery of climate targets set by many of its retail customers.

Helen commented: “Research[1] shows sustainability is not a passing trend, with consumers continuing to be concerned about climate change and water scarcity. We are seeing an increase in consumers prioritising sustainability in their purchasing decisions when buying cleaning products, with the rise of ‘Eco-Actives’.

“In our drive to minimise our environmental impact as well as that of our customers, we have set science-based targets to ensure our actions have a meaningful effect. Alongside this, we continue to ensure that new products we develop are more sustainable.

“We have three clear sustainability priorities, and these include working closely with our suppliers, focusing on operations and continuing to develop products with a lower environmental impact.

“There has already been significant work put into the first stage of our journey, and I look forward to making positive changes in my new role and helping McBride move towards a more sustainable future.”

Chris Smith, CEO at McBride, added: “We identified a need to increase the resource levels in our important mission to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We have the utmost confidence in Helen as she takes on this new challenge.”

Helen Herd

For more information on McBride, go to www.mcbride.co.uk.

[1] Kantar, Who Cares? Who Does? – Creating a competitive advantage through sustainability – https://www.kantar.com/campaigns/who-cares-who-does-in-the-fmcg-industry