Longstanding partnership brings 50% time saving to advanced composites market

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A longstanding partnership between Base Materials and Marbocote has produced a new product to reduce curing times in the composites industry. The partnership has resulted in Base becoming technical experts in Marbocote’s products and can give clear and reliable advice on which product to use and application technique, saving time and money.

Base Materials, a leading manufacturer of styling, modelling, pattern and tooling materials, has been working with Marbocote, who manufacture and distribute a wide range of high technology semi-permanent mould release agents, to bring innovative new products to the motorsport, automotive and aerospace sectors, among others, in the UK and overseas.

Marbocote’s newest product, MTS12, is the latest innovation in the composites market. With a fast cure time, the non-contaminating, high gloss product is quick and easy to apply, ideal for use in the advanced composite industry. With superior adhesion to the mould/tool surface and inherent release properties, the MTS12 is believed to be unique in the market.

Base and Marbocote have worked together since 2001 in order to offer the highest level of service to their clients.

Joanna Rimmer, General Manager of Marbocote, said: “Base Materials are our sole distributor for the advanced composite industry in the UK. Our continued close partnership, including sharing a stand at JEC and at the Advanced Engineering Show, has promoted the development of a series of industry leading sealers; the latest of which is the MTS12.”

Darren Lambert, Business Development Director of Base Materials, said: “The Base sales team are the boots on the ground, learning what our customers need. Speaking directly to customers has enabled us to help Marbocote develop innovative new products to refine their product range.”

According to a new market report published by Lucintel in 2019, the UK composites market is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024, with the key sectors of growth including the aerospace, automotive and energy industries.

Mr Lambert added: “With MTS12, Marbocote has developed a product that can cure in 15 minutes at 60°C in response to the need for faster curing times within the composites industry. MTS12 can seal porous substrates such as epoxy, polyurethane, gelcoated and non-gelcoated polyester moulds.

“MTS12 can also be used to refurbish old moulds and to seal micro porosity on carbon fibre parts giving a high gloss finish. Many other mould sealers take much longer to cure and do not produce a high gloss finish. MTS12 saves the customer up to 50 per cent on time spent polishing the sealant into a shine, and in waiting for the sealant to dry. The partnership between Marbocote and Base has allowed for us to develop a product that suits our key customer’s needs.”

Growth of sales and innovation is not limited to the UK, with Base rapidly expanding to new markets across Europe, including in Germany and Italy. The European composites market size was worth USD 16.6 billion in 2018, and an increasing demand of lightweight materials suggests continuous growth in this sector. 

Mr Lambert continues: “Our sales team have had in-depth technical training from Marbocote and now we are all specialists of the Marbocote product range. Discussing the Marbocote products with our clients allows us to make tailored solutions that meets their needs and ensures a superior finish and better result for the end user.”

To find out more about Base Materials, visit: www.base-materials.com or Marbocote, visit: https://www.marbocote.co.uk/