Voice Actuator Usage in Ventilators

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For several years H2W has been manufacturing voice coils that have been custom designed for the medical industry. Voice coils have been desirable for applications such as ventilators because of their compact design and high-speed capabilities coupled with their sliding contact bearing system, which allows for high lifetime, high cycle, and a desirable MTBF in the system. The stage utilizes a unique electromagnetic circuit design.

This design allows for a motors with minimal cross section diameter of up to 1.20 inches [30.5 mm], and strokes up to 0.60″ [15.2 mm] stroke; this size generates up to 1.12 lbs [5.0 N] of continuous force and 3.36 lbs [15 N] of peak force.  Each actuator is guided by sliding contact bushing assemblies Voice coil actuators are ideal for applications that require quick, short moves with fast settling times.


– High Speed

– Low-profile

– Long bearing life in a high cycle environment

– No moving cables

– High acceleration

– Compact footprint

– Custom strokes and force configurations available