Dugard Introduce New Hanwha Sliding Head Lathe

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With the sudden ramp-up of the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ project to battle the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Dugard Machine Tools has witnessed an unprecedented surge in enquiries and sales with its Hanwha range of sliding head turning centres.

As manufacturers up and down the country switch production output to machining small turned components for the Ventilator Challenge UK, the attributes of the Hanwha range is genuinely coming to the fore. The Hanwha XE Series is the latest generation in a well-established and successful line of rigid, productive, robust and extremely flexible turning centres; and enjoying particular success during this challenging period is the Hanwha XE35.

The compact heavy-duty machine is the largest in the XE Series with the facility to turn bars up to 35mm diameter within its compact 2.3 by 1.2 by 1.7m footprint. The rigid 2750kg machine is the perfect platform for machining hard materials and undertaking high-volume material removal. This is demonstrated by the vibration dampening heavy cast construction and the strong and rigid tool post that all combine to create a platform for unsurpassed surface finishes and enhanced tool life. 

From a technical perspective, the remarkably capable and flexible Hanwha XE35 has a powerful 2.2/5kW main spindle motor and a 1.5/2.2kW sub-spindle motor, both achieving a maximum spindle speed of 6500rpm. The high-torque spindle motors are matched by the powerful and intuitive Hanwha software, the FANUC-0i CNC Control and the gear type modular live tooling configuration.

The tooling configuration combines power, rigidity and flexibility with 18 tooling positions that provide simultaneous front and rear spindle machining through a platen of 5 fixed tools and four driven tools in the X1-axis with another four driven tools on the Z2-axis plane, one on the Z1-axis that is accompanied by an additional four tool stations for boring, drilling and the machining of other internal features. All live tooling positions offer a high spindle speed of 6,000rpm with a 1kW spindle motor. The modular gear type live tooling configuration is an innovative design that generates exceptional torque levels for heavy drilling and milling cycles.  

The axes stroke of the impressive Hanwha XE35 is particularly spacious with 210mm in the Z1-axis, 62mm in the X1-axis, 340mm in the Y1-axis, 205mm in Z2 and 312mm in X2.

From an optional perspective, the impressive Hanwha XE35 is available with the H, J, N and NE configurations to open a world of opportunities to end-users. The H and N variants have been designated as guide-bush and non-guide bush options to provide differing bar turning length, capacity and set-up configurations within the work area for the end-user.

In addition, the Hanwha XE35 is also offered with the J and NE variants,  unlike the H and N variants, these models offer four static tool positions in the Z2 axis as opposed to two driven and two static positions on the H and N models. For further details on how this impressive line of productive and robust machines can transform your production output, please contact Dugard now.