ROCOL Introduces Multipurpose Fluid for Machine Shops

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Industrial lubrication experts ROCOL are once again answering the ever-evolving needs of industry with the launch of its new ULTRACUT 370EP cutting fluid. Providing ‘Performance You Can Trust’, the new ULTRACUT 370EP cutting fluid is a semi-synthetic fluid that can be utilised as both a cutting fluid and grinding fluid, exceeding existing coolant performance whilst improving environmental credentials and inventory management. 

The new addition to the ROCOL stable of industry-leading fluid solutions has been developed in the UK to exceed performance expectations as well as environmental and industry-standard conformance for end users. Containing ROCOL’s unique EP (Extreme Pressure) additive package, the new ULTRACUT 370EP can be applied to enhance medium to heavy-duty machining performance whilst generating surface finish and component quality enhancements as well as tool life longevity that will be visibly noticeable by both your customers and your bottom-line profitability.

Furthermore, the new high performance, semi-synthetic, water-miscible metalworking fluid has been formulated for application on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, meeting stringent industry requirements and minimising the corrosion and staining of components with its exceptional residual corrosion protection. With an expert blend of additives, the new ULTRACUT 370EP is tolerant to tramp oil, it retains a low level of foaming and is durable for use in both hard and soft water environments.

When mixed with water, ULTRACUT 370EP forms a translucent blue micro-emulsion that provides a clear view of both the workpiece and the work envelope during machining and grinding applications. The fluid can be applied in dilution ratios from 30:1 to 75:1 and dilution ratios should be adjusted depending on the machine tool, workpiece material, water hardness, application and severity of operation. 

With high dilution ratios possible, ULTRACUT 370EP will provide significant cost savings with a single barrel capable of providing up to 15,200 litres of fluid. For cutting processes, dilution ratios of between 40:1 and 60:1 are recommended and for grinding processes, the advised dilution with water should be 50:1 to 75:1, depending on the severity of the operations. To ensure dilution accuracy, it is preferable to use a ROCOL automatic fluid mixer. For manual mixing, manufacturers should always add the ULTRACUT 370 EP concentrate to water at the recommended dilution ratio, stirring continuously.

Of course, running a business is enough of a challenge – and that is why the experts at ROCOL formulated the ULTRACUT 370EP to be used for both cutting and grinding operations.

This enables the end-user to rationalise the fluid across the shop floor, covering machining and grinding to provide absolute simplicity whilst taking away the added complications of having two different fluids on site. Being a world-leader in fluid solutions and management, ROCOL has taken user-friendliness to another level with a fluid that when diluted is safe, clean, operator-friendly and has been designed for minimal hazard labelling according to CLP. The new ULTRACUT 370EP is free from components such as bactericides, chlorine, formaldehyde, nitrites, silicone and any animal-derived materials.

So, if you want to reduce your fluid inventory and costs as well as your operational costs whilst improving the performance of your machine tools, cutting tools and the quality of your components – give an expert at ROCOL a call to find out more.