Floyd Expands Small Turning Series

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Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd has been announced as the new UK sales and distribution partner of renowned Swiss cutting tool brand Denitool. The new agreement will see the Baldock based cutting tool specialist incorporate the Denitool precision boring range of fine tools into its portfolio.

The Denitool range of precision boring tools is a high-quality line of solid carbide boring bars with a multitude of indexable insert geometries and grades to improve the performance of small part turning operations. This new range of turning and boring tools will strengthen the Floyd Automatic offering whilst providing turned parts manufacturers with a new range of tools that complement the already extensive and high-quality product lines available from Floyd Automatic.

The solid carbide boring bars with through coolant facility demonstrate exceptional rigidity and stability to maximise surface finishes, tool life and machining performance. The bars are currently available in three variants, the SWUCR, STUPR and SCUPR variants. The new SWUCR boring bars that work with triangular inserts are available with 5 or 6mm diameter bars with an overall length of 85 and 95mm respectively. Alongside this new tool is the STUPR boring bars that are more robust for boring larger diameter holes. This series provides 7mm boring bars with the option of an 80 or 115mm overall length or alternately the 9mm diameter variant with overall lengths of 100 and 135mm and a distance of 4 or 5mm from the centre line of the tool to the cutting edge. These dimensions are replicated on the new SCUPR boring tools with the STUPR accommodating triangular inserts and the SCUPR accepting square insert geometries.

For the SWUCR and STUPR boring tools that accept triangular insert geometries, Floyd Automatic is introducing a selection of insert grades in both the WCGT and WCET designations. The insert variations include a host of different corner radii as well as other geometry variations to maximise machining performance, surface finishes, tool life and material removal rates on a diverse range of material types – making this new Denitool range suitable for all manufacturers of small components.

For the SCUPR carbide boring bar variant, Floyd Automatic is introducing two new insert designations, once again with a diverse selection of geometries, corner radii and edge preparation to deliver unparalleled performance and precision when internal turning small parts. For further information on any of the Denitool small-bore turning series, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.