Altus Looks Back at a Year of Essemtec Technology Success

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Since partnering with Essemtec a year ago, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has seen great interest in the Swiss company’s unique range of highly flexible SMT pick and place and dispensing solutions, with sales continuing to look healthy in 2022.

After identifying them as a unique and ideal fit for the high flexibility market, Altus has installed a number of units to companies across the UK including facilities setting up their first SMT lines, to those with multi-function systems using a mix of pick and place and high speed jetting.

Joe Booth Altus CEO said: “Essemtec and their range of systems are an ideal fit for the UK and Irish market which predominantly focuses on flexibility and speed of changeover rather than cost-per-hour. Given our high percentage of CEMs, Essemtec’s innovative systems align perfectly.

“When initiating the discussions with Essemtec we were especially excited because of their technology and the uniqueness of a multi-function system compared to their competitors. We are the only provider that can jet paste, pick and place components and dispense adhesives and that is very attractive when you consider our cost. In fact, out of the 6 units sold in our first 12 months, four of them had more than one process configured in the system.”

“What a start to our relationship 2021 was and long may it continue!” said Franck Genonceau, Essemtec Sales Director.

“At Essemtec, we have always believed that we have great technology, offering the highest value to our target customers of high-mix low-volume. Due to the structure of manufacturers in the UK and Irish market our products fit perfectly. Now our superior technology has a best-in-class distributor in Altus. They support both customers in pre-sales and partners in after sales so there really are very few reasons not to invest in Essemtec. We have seen that already in our 2021 performance in the region as we hit the ground running with Altus and can only imagine that we will build on that early success through 2022.”

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