Curtain Comes Down On Successful MACH for Kerf

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The return to the MACH exhibition proved to be a resounding success for Kerf Developments. The technological leap and the steps forward that Kerf has taken since the last MACH show were evident for visitors, customers and even competitors to see at the showpiece manufacturing event.

Recognised as the industry leader in waterjet, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology, Kerf presented a dynamic mix of cost-efficient high technology cutting solutions that grabbed the attention and imagination of show visitors – but more importantly for Kerf, they witnessed record enquiry levels and even two machine orders at MACH.

Commenting upon the success of the show, Sales Director Craig Walsh says: “Visitor numbers were consistently high throughout the week and of a good standard. There were certainly manufacturers looking to invest in the latest productivity tools and this resulted in two machine sales at the show with many more manufacturers planning to place orders in the coming weeks.”

At MACH, the market-leading RUR2500P high definition plasma cutting machine created a spark of attraction for show visitors with its UltraSharp cutting technology that has been enhanced with new advanced technologies. Additionally, Kerf introduced the new Fineline 300 Plasma unit from Lincoln Electric that incorporates Advanced Piercing Technology and a new Watermist system – the technology built into this new unit genuinely blew customers away and the enquiry levels by the end of the MACH week were unprecedented.

As Craig adds: “Laser users showed considerable interest in the latest stainless steel and aluminium water mist process. They were also very impressed with the cut quality that UltraSharp could achieve on mild steel and demonstrating this created a huge level of enquiries. This was particularly so on thicker applications from 10mm through to 50mm where some laser processes appear to start to lose edge quality.”

From a technology standpoint, the FineLine 300HD has the smallest diameter 300A torch in the industry at 38mm and it works in synergy with the UltraSharp 2.0 plasma current controls that are all synchronised to precisely control motion, gas flow, cut speeds and height control. Company directors and business owners acknowledged the merits of this system and there was also a lot of interest in the ‘MACH special’ Linc-Cut machine package that demonstrated its flexibility and capability that is packed into a compact footprint that makes it ideal for smaller workshops.

The show debut for the new Optima waterjet cutting machine allowed Kerf to use MACH to really set its stall out in the waterjet segment – and show visitors proved suitably impressed. “Waterjet cutting live at MACH generated a lot of interest. Visitors were impressed by the wide range of materials that the process can cut and the excellent cut quality that we can achieve with the Optima machine,” continues Craig.

As the most flexible machine available from Kerf, the new Optima can cut a broad range of materials from granite and stone through to titanium, inconel, duplex, super duplex, tool steel, composites, acrylic, polycarbonate and much more. The Optima 216 at MACH drew attention from manufacturers undertaking one-off and general jobbing work through to batch production. The extraordinary level of enquiries will certainly keep the Kerf team busy in the post-MACH months.