KAMIC Group Establishes Global Magnetics Powerhouse as it adds Talema alongside ETAL and SIGA


World leader in the manufacture of toroidal transformers and related magnetic components mounts strongest ever presence at PCIM

KAMIC Magnetics Group will present its strongest ever power magnetics portfolio at PCIM, and for the first time brings its three specialist magnetics components businesses, ETAL, SIGA Electronics and Talema together on one stand (6-349). This follows the Group’s acquisition of Talema in 2021.

Each business in the KAMIC Group Magnetics business unit has its own strength, and together they form a global magnetics powerhouse with 1,100 employees, manufacturing in five countries and direct representation in the world’s most significant economies. The Group is offering customers a comprehensive portfolio which supports them in designing exceptional, efficient power architectures for applications from portable electronics through mains powered systems to renewable energy sources and electric vehicles.

Visitors to PCIM will be able to see examples from Talema’s strong range of current transformers and toroidal components. These will include its in-house developed high-performance magnetic components such as transformers and inductors, which are used in AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters and signal applications. Most components are custom designed for specific applications, and the business unit also offers a range of standard components.

ETAL’s established range of magnetic components will also be fully represented at PCIM. These include chokes, air coils, coils, current transformers, power transformers and signal transformers. The company specialises in custom products and in optimising designs but also offers a range of standard components. Its’ particular strength is high-end and reliable planar products such as custom designed transformers and inductors that combine superior performance with overall low cost.

SIGA IEC conformant current transformer (CT) products will also be on show at PCIM. SIGA manufactures circular or rectangular type CTs, full block or split core, using a UL recognised semi rigid cast resin compound or an IP rated plastic box finish. Other finishes are available.