EconCore wins gold at the European Green Award 2022

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European Green Award 2022, the winners are announced, honoring eco-heroes and sustainable solutions.

The European Green Award celebrates outstanding results for a sustainable development and rewards companies and individuals who have contributed to the transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy. This award serves as an inspiration and role model. It is organized by the European Institute of Sustainability. An international jury of experts, such as Dr. Andrea Grimm, co-founder of EAIS, Martin Neureiter, CEO of the CSR Company and Philipp Steinberger, Head of Investors ClubVenture awarded sustainable products, projects, marketing and change makers.

EconCore’s “RPET Honeycomb Core Technology” was honored by the jury for its exemplary innovative performance in the field of sustainability: the RPET honeycomb core technology is not only an ecological technology solution with a high sustainability impact, but also offers weight reduction and a price advantage compared to conventional solutions and materials.

In addition, the jury considers EconCore’s technology to be an excellent realization of a circular innovation that uses a high proportion of post-consumer waste as well as industrial waste into waste materials by reintegrating them into the production cycle.PP honeycomb products of EconCore technology are well established in automotive, packaging, transportation, etc. and already set an example of how performance, cost, weight and eco-efficiency can be combined at once.

“It is an honor to win the European Green Award for our RPET honeycomb core technology. RPET honeycomb cores are made of 100% recycled plastic, sourced from both consumer and industrial waste”, says Dr Jochen Pflug, CEO of EconCore “this award is a testament to the hard-work and skills that the entire EconCore team have dedicated to developing such a sustainable technology – technology that doesn’t compromise on performance.”

At the European Green Award 2022, the sustainability industry confirmed great creativity and innovative spirit. 356 participants from 12 countries proved that sustainability knows no boundaries: “The excellent sustainable change makers who participated from Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany to Austria in the European Green Award 2022 have shown their outstanding commitment to sustainability. This year has shown that the Change Makers are in the process of implementing the idea of the Circular Economy into reality”, argues Dr. Andrea Grimm within the award ceremony and went on “with that, we can congratulate the 2022 winners first and foremost for their sustainability impact and thank them for being eco-pioneers who take on countless challenges to solve our ecological problems, rather than bemoaning them. We want to contribute to the transformation of economy, science and society, we want to make eco-heroes visible.”

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