COMTRAXX® CP9i delivers touch screen condition monitoring for industrial applications

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New touchscreens from Bender offer intelligent condition monitoring and an overview of connected electrical systems to deliver real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and alarm in industrial settings.

With an integrated touch display, customised visualisation of connected systems and intuitive operation, the new displays help engineers, and maintenance teams manage the performance, availability, and uptime of high-value assets.

Available in 7- and 15.6-inch display sizes, the CP9…-I series features a condition monitor with web interface, a display with integrated BMS and BCOM interfaces as well as Modbus RTU/TCP, for connecting to Bender and third-party devices. Measured values, parameters and other data are available via the web interface or display.   The 7-inch version is suitable to be mounted in a control cabinet door so that information is highly visible.

Robust construction and solid Bender design mean there are few limits to potential industrial applications, with remote access via LAN, WAN or Internet allowing for diagnosis and maintenance.  Typical applications include data centres, wind farm, manufacturing, process, and plant.

The flexible display format provides an overview of connected system parameters, with active visual and acoustic notifications in the event of alarms, with the option of displaying the source and corrective action for any faults that occur.

Lee Slater of Bender UK said: “The CP9…-I allows greater visibility of electrical power system health at a glance. The increased communication functionality also allows the end-users to receive remote information when site access is not always possible, reducing the time taken to identify and rectify developing power systems issues. The CP9…-I is suited to both those with and without an existing building management system”.

Continuous hardware and software development means these products are future proof with updates provided free of charge.

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