Registered Lift Truck Instructor Figures Soar in 2022

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RTITB, the leading accrediting body for workplace transport training, has reported a surge in registrations of new Lift Truck Instructors so far this year.

Between January and August 2022, 508 trained Lift Truck Instructors have already joined the RTITB Register of International Instructors. This is a steep rise from 2021, where 580 Instructors registered across the whole year.  

UK Instructor numbers have steadily grown year on year. With the exception of 2020, where COVID-19 restrictions prevented Instructors from completing training. As a result, 50% fewer Lift Truck Instructor examinations took place compared to the previous year.

“A lot of training fell behind in the pandemic. This led to massive bottlenecks for Lift Truck Instructor training,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “Our latest figures indicate that businesses are now prioritising clearing their Instructor training backlogs.”

She continues “COVID-19 delayed operator training too. There is also increased pressure on the supply chain. This means that the industry now urgently needs to train more Lift Truck operators to meet demand.” 

There are currently 13,162 ‘Forklift Operator’ roles currently advertised* by organisations across the UK. However, many businesses suggest that filling Instructor roles with existing qualified candidates is challenging. 

To fill these Instructor vacancies, some organisations are therefore looking to upskill existing employees. RTITB suggests that lift truck operators, warehouse operatives, or supervisors may all be keen to develop their career as Instructors. This could help close the skills gap.

“Your existing employees come with an understanding of your business and operations. This can prove incredibly helpful when they become an Instructor,” says Laura. “Plus, this upskilling approach demonstrates a clear career progression path within your business.”

“New opportunities can boost morale, ensure your team uses their skills to the fullest, and can help retain valuable talent. Career development can also make you an attractive employer in a competitive recruitment market,” continues Laura.

To train skilled and safety-focused Lift Truck Instructors, businesses can book courses with the nationwide network of RTITB Accredited Instructor Centres.  

These providers must all achieve and uphold specific standards to be RTITB Accredited for Instructor training. This gives businesses peace of mind that they are delivering exceptional quality training. As a result, you benefit from highly skilled and safety-focused Lift Truck Instructors to train your team in-house.

To find an RTITB Accredited Instructor Centre for Lift Truck Instructor training, visit and view the Course Locator.
  * – 25 August 2022