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Laser Lines began in 1975 supplying lasers for science and research, and for past 30 years has been the UK’s leading retailer of 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Find out more about the exciting technologies and solutions they can offer.

3D Printing solutions

A Platinum Partner of Stratasys, and representing Makerbot and Xact Metal in the UK, Laser Lines offers a vast range of 3D printing technologies including FDM, Polyjet, SLA, P3, SAF and Metal. Of these, Stratasys’ FDM F370 and Polyjet J55 Prime 3D printers are proving to be the ideal solution for many design and small-scale production applications.

The Stratasys F370 is the perfect additive manufacturing machine for more demanding projects. With support for two model materials and two support materials, it can be left to run for extended periods. This feature can be used to guarantee overnight, unattended printing by installing matching spools in advance. The perfect combination of class-leading performance and offering a generous build envelope of 355 x 254 x 355mm, the F370 is incredibly quiet and can be used with industry-leading FDM materials, including PLA, PC-ABS, ABS-CF10 Diran 410MF072 and FDM TPU 92A.

The Stratasys J55 Prime is a full-colour Polyjet 3D printer that you can add to your organisation, without the need for a specialised operator or a dedicated room for it. For anyone that wants to cut down the time it takes to prototype a product, the Stratasys J55 Prime can print models efficiently, in over 500,000 colours. The compact 3D printer fits into any standard office, classroom or studio space with ease. With no unpleasant smell, toxic fumes or noisy machinery to deal with, you can work as normal – even if sat right next to it.

If you are looking to print metal parts, the XM200C metal powder-bed fusion 3D printer from Xact Metal, is ideal. A compact and affordable system, it can produce quality metal parts from a variety of metal powders at a low cost, bringing a new level of price and performance to metal 3D printing for entry-level operators for the first time.  The XM200C is perfect for universities, prototyping laboratories and small to medium enterprises that require multiple machines. Supporting metal powders such as Stainless Steel, Super Alloys, Tooling Steels, Aluminium, Titanium and Bronze, the XM200C is ready to make your part in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional casting. Plus, its open platform means that qualified users can develop their own printing parameters or use their own powder. It is simple to use with an easy touchscreen user face, which makes it easy to load files, set up build and monitor jobs.

Industrial Laser Solutions

Laser Lines also supplies a complete range of lasers, laser systems and accessories, providing solutions for industrial processes such as marking, engraving, drilling, welding, soldering, brazing and cladding.  Key systems include Synrad CO2 lasers in the power range of 10W to 400W, Datalogic laser markers, DPSS, fiber and CO2 laser technologies, all for integration.  Complete systems include Laserline high power diode sources to 45kW and Sisma pulsed YAG welding and cutting systems. Also available are beam delivery solutions including conventional process heads and galvanometer scanning systems.

The company offers their own range of standard and bespoke laser marking solutions of which there are four options.  Lasermark PRIMARY, is Laser Lines’ entry level laser marking system.  This unit perfectly matches safety, functionality and a small footprint with value for money and potential for an excellent return on investment. Suitable for install with a variety of lasers from our DPSS and Fibre ranges, this system presents the very best in value for small laser marking applications.  The Lasermark PROJECT system is a unique system devised for your specific application. Understanding that the best option for your business may not be an ‘off the shelf’ solution, Laser Lines has a wealth of experience in designing bespoke marking solutions. The Lasermark PRESTIGE system is specifically designed with the industrial laser user in mind. With free standing and benchtop versions available this system offers a full range of customisable features and options.

The Lasermark PREMIUM combines all of the benefits of the Lasermark PRESTIGE system but with a larger footprint and working area. Designed for applications that require extra space for larger or longer parts.