New capacitive displacement measuring system withstands ambient temperatures up to 800°C

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Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has introduced a high temperature non-contact capacitive displacement measuring system to its already extensive capaNCDT range. The capaNCDT HT (High Temperature) measuring system is ideal for high precision distance, position, gap and thickness measurements in extreme ambient temperatures. The CSEx-HT sensors can be used in challenging ambient temperatures from -50°C to +800°C.

The capaNCDT HT consists of a capacitive displacement sensor with integrated coaxial cable and a controller. Due to its high temperature stability and exceptionally high linearity throughout its operating temperature range, the capaNCDT HT delivers high precision measurements under harsh environmental conditions.

Large measuring range

Four sensor variants are available to choose from, which cover measuring ranges from 1mm up to 20mm. The sensors are sufficiently robust to withstand extreme temperature conditions while providing the best possible temperature stability. The integrated 1 m cable (with drain wire acting as a ground) is extremely resistant to interference, which minimises signal interference caused by external electric or magnetic fields, for safe and trouble-free operation. Connection to the control electronics is made by use of an extension cable of either 1.4 m or 2 m length.

The high-temperature sensors can be operated with the new high-performance capaNCDT 6228 controllers. A choice of two controllers is available. The DT6228 and DT6238 controllers both offer modular functionality allowing up to four sensor channels to be connected, with the DT6238 offering additional capability for EtherCAT communication and synchronisation of several 4-channel systems. The sensor system is calibrated at the factory before delivery.

Applications for the capaNCDT HT range from rail and automotive, where it can be used for disc thickness variation and gap measurements, to the glass industry, where gap or distance measurements can be made in the coating process or in the production of float glass, as well as the steel industry, where gaps or strain can be measured inline during the production process. The capaNCDT HT is modular and is easily expandable with up to four additional measuring channels.

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