Q5D opens state-of-the-art facility for wiring harness automation enabling further growth and innovation

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Q5D, a leading innovator in wire harness manufacturing automation, is moving to a state-of-the-art production facility in Portishead, near Bristol (U.K.). This facility will enable further innovation in equipment to automate the manufacturing of wiring harnesses, a critical component of cars, planes, and consumer electronics that enables electrical functions including motors and lights. Q5D’s new headquarters will bring together core operations from design and engineering to manufacturing and testing under one roof. The union of commercial and manufacturing operations in the same building will also facilitate excellent customer service and support.

Q5D is a pioneering organisation making great strides to automate the addition of electrical connections and wiring using additive manufacturing, robotic tools, and laser sintering technology. The new facility offers twice as much production floor space and three times the office space of the previous building. This additional space is critical to accommodate the growing number of engineers working on new product development and meeting the needs of an expanding customer base. In time, Q5D plans to open a Customer Experience Centre where customers can manufacture prototypes and parts within this facility.

Innovation is a core value of Q5D. Bringing their core design and manufacturing teams together in one building will enable these teams to be even more effective in the future. The Development Lab will create a hub for design, including advances to Q5D’s CY1000 production machine and smaller prototypes. The facility will also house a Product Design and Engineering Centre and a space for the assembly and testing of machines before shipping to customers. In addition, Q5D plans to create a Field Service Team to supply spares and service machines.

“Our new facility at Portishead creates the space we need to accelerate our innovative wire harness technology solutions,” commented Stephen Bennington, CEO and Co-Founder of Q5D. “With all our core functions working together with our customers in this building, we can deliver solutions that revolutionise wire harness manufacturing and assembly.”

“The new facilities here in Portishead facility are an exciting development that will enable us to continue to develop innovative solutions for the wiring industry,” added Chris Elsworthy, CTO at Q5D. “This facility allows us to expand our team of engineers and create a work environment that accelerates learning and produces results.”

Find out more information about Q5D technology at www.q5dtechnology.com.