QIC has taken another step to achieving sustainability goals

Company News
QIC has taken another step to achieving sustainability goals, specifically the target of zero waste disposal by 2030, by changing the packaging used on its products to use a minimum 30% recycled polythene content and is LDPE 04 recyclable. This packaging has the benefit of maintaining the strength and quality while being more environmentally friendly.

Switching to a sustainable supply

The move towards using 30% recycled content in our packaging represents an obvious step to achieving such a positive outcome, given the huge number of packages despatched over a year. Furthermore, the minimum 30% recycled content used in our packaging provides an environmentally friendly solution, whilst ensuring the robust strength of the plastic (which is also easier to recycle on site) without being detrimental to the customer.

Neil Miller, Sales Director at QIC, was enthusiastic about this correct step and change.

“Moving to a minimum 30% recyclable content for our packaging strikes the right balance between strength and sustainability. It also shows that we are serious about achieving our sustainability goals. This is something that we feel our customers care deeply about. Given that not only is our packaging made from recyclable content, they are themselves recyclable and can be recycled in standard plastic recycling.”

“We are currently in the process of updating our customers on these changes to ensure they are fully aware of the recyclable nature of the pallet hoods, and why it matters. This includes updating our QIC artwork to state this.”

Other areas of supply

It’s not just Trim packaging that we are looking to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In searching for other areas to make improvements on recycled content, we are now recycling all cardboard packaging used within our manufacturing facility, as well as LED sensor lighting throughout the premises.

Neil Miller continued: “We’re currently looking at making all packaging materials more sustainable and recyclable. We are now trialling the minimum 30% model across all products at our site near Buckingham.”