BGEN shares how to save energy and money at special Energy Saving Week school visit

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To mark Energy Saving Week, Warrington-headquartered BGEN, one of the UK’s largest engineering firms driving the energy transition, returned to a nearby primary school to talk all about energy saving and why it’s important to our planet – and our purses.

BGEN’s Carbon Reduction Consultant Dr Aaron Yeardley hosted the very special assembly, which is the firm’s latest STEM and Sustainability Partnership collaboration with St Vincent’s Primary. Dr Yeardley works with global businesses and organisations to assess and reduce their carbon footprints.

The session examined why it’s so important to save energy at home and in school, how using less energy helps the environment and saves us money, as well as sharing many simple steps that everyone can take to cut their consumption – such as turning off lights, taps and Xboxes on standby, and walking and cycling to school.

BGEN is also helping the school to improve its energy efficiency and carbon footprint – whilst reducing its running costs – by supporting its switch to an LED lighting system.

As part of the STEM and Sustainability Partnership, BGEN has also donated 20 Chromebooks to the school – enabling pupils to enjoy real-life examples of science, technology, engineering and maths in action and inspiring young engineers of the future.

“It was brilliant to be back at St Vincent’s as part of our continued STEM and Sustainability Partnership, this time to mark Energy Saving Week and the steps that we all can, and should, be taking to reduce the energy and money we waste,” said Oliver Groarke, Head of Future Markets at BGEN.

“We discussed some very important topics during the session, and we hope that the children now have a clearer understanding of how it important – and easy – it is to reduce what we use and the benefits this brings.”

Paula Williams, Deputy Headteacher at St Vincent’s, said: “We hope that by teaching our children to be environmentally aware, we’re instilling good habits that last a lifetime. This assembly certainly showed how making even small changes, at home and in school, can make a difference. We hope they each go away better able to consider their own energy usage and the impact it has on both the environment and their household finances, and hopefully encouraging their friends and family to do the same.”

Energy Saving Week is a joint initiative between Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice. It aims to help people across the UK reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions by sharing tried and tested tips to help save energy, reduce energy bills, and limit the impact of our energy use on the environment.

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