OPC Assessment Unveils New Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) Tool Report – A Key Asset in Leadership Recruitment

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Introducing a new reporting tool to enhance leadership decision-making and employee development.

In the realm of talent acquisition, promoting frontline employees into a leadership role can be a daunting task, especially from technically biased or lone-working roles prevalent in some industries. Leadership roles often demand oversight, planning, organization, and positive people management skills, which may not have previously been demonstrated by entry-level employees.

In a comprehensive move to support leadership recruitment, OPC Assessment proudly introduces the new LPI Manager Narrative Report, enhancing the effectiveness of its recently launched Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) tool.

The LPI, is an online situational judgment test, that identifies five crucial managerial competencies:

  • Being interpersonally skilled;
  • Thinking skills such as effective decision making;
  • Strong customer focus prioritizing external and internal customer needs;
  • Driving performance. Achieving excellence in oneself and others;
  • Leading others to deliver results.

Introducing the New LPI Manager Narrative Report

The new narrative report complements the LPI, by providing a detailed ‘portrait’ of a candidate. Organised around the five LPI managerial competencies, it delves into specific competencies, highlighting areas of excellence, potential development needs, and behavioural responses in some typical work scenarios. The report assigns a candidate’s relative performance on a five-point scale and provides a written narrative in support.

Emily Wong, Business Psychologist at OPC Assessment said: “As psychologists, we stress the importance of evidence-based decisions when recruiting for a leadership role, or any post.

The new LPI Manager Narrative Report is a dynamic tool offering crucial insights into candidates’ strengths and areas for development, before a promotion.

“Evidence of an applicant’s capacity to excel as a supervisor is crucial for the individual, an existing team’s harmony, and for driving organisational success.”

“For example, in the competency ‘Driving performance,’ a high score might suggest a confident manager capable of consistent decision-making under pressure. Conversely, the report may highlight a development need, such as ‘Interpersonal Skills,’ by maybe suggesting that a candidate could face challenges in providing appropriate direction to team members.” said Emily

Benefits for a recruiting manager

The innovative LPI Manager Narrative Report is invaluable for decision-making, particularly with external candidates, or those without previous managerial experience. It provides a nuanced understanding of a candidate’s potential to be a leader and their supervisory skills. Additionally, it can also be used as a developmental tool, identifying strengths and training needs for existing managers with potential, helping to create a more targeted Leadership Development Plan.

Developed by skilled OPC Assessment Psychologists through meticulous job analysis, industry research, and collaboration with senior rail managers, the LPI and its Manager Narrative Report reflect a sound understanding of managerial competencies. This positions the new report as a reliable resource for effective decision-making in talent acquisition and leadership development.

The new LPI Manager Narrative Report is available alongside the Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) tool on OPC Assessment’s user-friendly online testing platform, Candela. You can request a sample report from any member of the team.

Get in touch with the friendly OPC Assessment team if you’d like to hear more about the New LPI Manager Narrative Report or the Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) tool.